How to Fix vizio smart tv menu not working

How to Fix Vizio Smart Tv Menu Not Working

  • To fix vizio smart tv menu not working you need to perform power reset method and turn on vizio smart tv by disconnecting all power cables.
  • Try factory reset method and update vizio smart tv to latest version

If you are facing issues with vizio tv menu not working then simply follow the below methods and try power reset by disconnecting the power cable and wait for 30 seconds and plug back power cables again and try restarting your vizio smart tv. This issue has occurred due to some problems in television or devices.

How to Fix Vizio Smart tv Menu Not Working Issue

Below troubleshooting method will help you fix menu not working on vizio smart tv.

Power Cycle Method

When you connect your device to the internet vizio tv automatically updates it. This method help to refresh your tv and help us to overcome the caused issue

Step 1: Firstly, turn off your vizio tv: Now turn off your vizio tv by using power button from your tv. Then remove power plug from your tv, then remove power plug from main power supply

Step 2: Unplug power cord from your tv: Depending upon your convenience unplug the power cord either from back of the tv or wall outlet. Before unplugging the power cord make sure it is switched off

Step 3: Hold power button for 4-5 seconds: In order to restart your tv or refresh it, hold power button for 4-5 seconds and disconnect it from every device

Step 4: Again connect power cord: After that connect the power cord back again in the outlet carefully 

Step 5: Turn on the tv: Once done with connecting power cord to the power outlet Now turn on your tv. Next, wait for 10 minutes. Because it take time to initialize.

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Factory Reset Your TV

This method will resolve all the issues, which is occurred due to settings menu might not displayed. With this method your saved data from tv is removed and you are logged out from all apps which is available on your device. So, here are some steps to factory reset your vizio tv.

Step 1: Turn on  vizio tv: Make sure that all y9ur connections and cables are connected properly before turning on your tv. Then use power button from your device to turn on tv

Step 2: Locate your volume and input button on vizio tv: This step perform. Amor task during factory reset, which are usually present at back of front side of your vizio tv set

Step 3: Then press and hold input and volume button: In this step you need to press both volume and input button together. Now press volume down button

Step 4: Now look your tv screen: After done with the above steps, you will notice a slight change on your device, like a dialog box appear on your tv screen

Step 5: Next release volume down button: On your screen a dialog box is displayed asking  you to release the volume down button. You need to remember one thing you should not leave the input button.

Step 6: Wait at least 10-15 seconds: Now keep holding the input button for.10-15 seconds after releasing volume down button. After that your tv will start factory reset.

Other Troubleshoot Connection

Step 1: Now try removing old batteries with new one. Which will improve the performance of your remote control

Step 2: If you unable to overcome, try another vizio tv remote control If it working means their Is problem with your remote control

Step 3: Remove the object which are placed in front of your tv.

That’s it by following above methods you can successfully fix vizio smart tv menu not working or not opening menu issue on vizio tv.