Fix HBO Max Not Working on Vizio Smart tv

  • To fix hbo max not working on vizio smart tv -> Reset router or modem and unplug power cable and plug back after 30 seconds and turn on vizio smart tv.
  • Update vizio smart tv to the latest version and dont run outdated software on vizio smart tv and frequently check for updates.
  • Clear cache of hbo max app and free up internal memory storage on vizio smart tv and uninstall and install hbo max again and then factory reset vizio smart tv to original default settings which will wipe out all data.

When you turn on hbo max on your vizio smart tv and hbo max doesn’t turn on or hbo max stuck on 3 dots or hbo max not working on vizio smart tv and stuck on logo or laggy or unresponsive and while playing video on hbo max it gets stuck often and keeps on buffering video on hbo max, then you need to follow these simple troubleshooting methods and get back your hbo max working fine as usual on your vizio smart tv,

HBO max is a powerful streaming device app and if you want to watch hbo max on vizio smart tv then you need to install hbo max on vizio tv and start streaming hbo max video content on vizio tv.

Fix HBO Max Not Working on Vizio Smart tv

Follow below methods and your hbo max not working on vizio smart tv will be fixed successfully.

Power Reset

Step 1: Remove power cable of vizio smart tv from wall socket.

Step 2: Now, you need to wait for 30 or 60 seconds 

Step 3: After 60 seconds plug back vizio tv power cable back to wall socket.

Step 4: turn on your vizio smart tv now and open hbo max app and your hbo will be working fine without any issues.

Power reset or hard reset method is very powerful and almost all issues with apps on vizio smart tv not working or hbo max not working on vizio tv will be fixed successfully.

Reset Router or Modem

Step 1: Unplug power cables of your router

Step 2: wait for 60 seconds

Step 3: plug back router or modem cables back and turn on router.

Once you turn on your router or modem you need to wait until your vizio smart tv gets connected to internet and once connected you will not face any issues like hbo max not working on vizio smart tv.

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Clear Cache of HBO max app on Vizio Smart tv

Step 1: Grab your remote and press home button and go to settings

Step 2: Go to apps -> Manage Apps section and find hbo max app

Step 3: Now click on hbo max and select clear cache and press ok

Step 4: Now, select clear data and press ok and confirm deletion of cache and clear data of hbo max app.

Once you clear cache and clear data (detailed version) then you need to login to your hbo max app if required and open hbo max and issue of hbo max not working or stuck on logo or unresponsive or laggy issues will be resolved successfully.

Due to hbo max cache issues your hbo max may not respond properly and will not work and by deleting cache and hbo max app data you can get back your hbo max app up and running without any issues.

Update Vizio Smart tv

If you are running outdated vizio smart tv software and  hbo max is not compatible with your vizio smart tv software version then you will experience issues with hbo max and you need to check for updates on vizio smart tv and update vizio smart tv to latest software version.

Uninstall and Reinstall App 

Uninstall hbo max app from vizio smart tv and install it again and sometimes there is a possibility that none of the above solutions works and you may still experience hbo max not working on vizio smart tv. So, its recommended to uninstall and instal hbo max app on vizio smart tv will fix issues with hbo max.

Factory Reset

If nothing works then you need to reset your vizio smart tv (detailed version) without pin How to Reset Vizio tv Without Pinand this will erase and wipe out all data from your vizio smart tv and bring back vizio smart tv back to its original default settings like when your bought your vizio smart tv from store like a brand new vizio tv and if there are any other issues as well with your vizio smart tv then all issues with vizio smart tv will be resolved and now your vizio smart tv will be like a brand new tv without any issues. 

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