Can't Adjust Brightness on iPhone 13 or iPhone 12

How to Fix Can’t Adjust Brightness on iPhone 13 or iPhone 12

  • To fix Cant adjust brightness on iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 or any other iPhone series -> Deactivate iPhone adaptive brightness and auto brightness.
  • Make sure power saving mode is not turned on and restart your iPhone to avoid and fix cant adjust brightness on iPhone 12, 13 etc.

On your iPhone if you are having issues adjusting brightness and when you lower the brightness and brightness automatically goes up and goes down on its own and having a brightness issues on your iPhone and sometimes iphone screen goes pink then you can fix and most of the time if auto brightness option is enabled, iPhone users face this issue and this issue by following just simple steps. So, let’s see in detail below.

Few of the iPhone users already experienced this iPhone brightness adjustment issues after they updated their iphone to latest version of iOS and when you adjust settings in brightness it even goes to more dim or more brightness on your iPhone.

Fix Can’t Adjust Brightness on iPhone

turn off auto brightness on iPhone

Below steps will help you fix cant adjust brightness issues on iPhone

Step 1: Grab your iPhone and open the settings app.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Accessibility

Step 3: Tap on Display and text size.

Step 4: Now, scroll down until you see the auto brightness option.

Step 5: Tap on Auto brightness option here and toggle off auto brightness option on iPhone.

That’s it, once you turn off the auto brightness feature, now your iPhone screen will not go dim on its own and now you can adjust brightness on your iPhone when ever you want.

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iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 brightness won’t go above 50?

You need to turn off auto brightness feature on your iPhone by going to Settings -> Accessibility -> Display and text size -> toggle off auto brightness here. If you have enabled auto brightness settings on iPhone then your iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 screen brightness wont go above 50 percent.

why is my phone screen so dark on full brightness?

First Make sure that your adaptive brightness or auto brightness settings are disabled and also make sure that you battery is not in power saving mode and check whether there is damage with your screen and remove iPhone case cover.