How to fix iPhone 13 Frozen or Unresponsive or Laggy

  • You can fix iPhone 13 frozen or unresponsive issue by just performing force restart by -> Press volume up and volume down and press and hold power button and release the key once you see the apple logo.
  • Other Methods -> Reset all settings, Update your iPhone first and perform factory reset all settings will restore all iphone 13 settings back to its original default settings by erasing all data.

If you are having iphone 13 and having issues like iphone 13 is frozen or unresponsive or touch not working or iphone keeps on hanging itself or restarting itself(Boot Loop) and laggy or any other iphone 13 issues then you can follow these methods and fix the issue of iPhone 13. So, let’s see them in detail below.

Also on your iPhone 13 you will not be able to turn off and bring up the normal turn off screen by pressing the power button and shutdown/turn off or restart screen as well on your iPhone 13.

Fix iPhone 13 Frozen or Unresponsive

Follow below iPhone 13 troubleshooting guide to fix iPhone frozen issues / lagging / touch not working on any other

Press Volume Up, Volume Down and Hold Power Button

Step 1: Press volume up button and press volume down 

Step 2: Now, after that instantly you need to press and hold the power button until you see the apple logo on your iPhone 13 screen.

Step 3: Once you see the Apple logo on your iPhone 13 screen -> Release the power button key and wait for your iPhone 13 to reboot itself and turn on by itself.

That’s it, once your iPhone 13 turns on then you will not be facing any issue if iPhone 13 frozen or unresponsive or becoming laggy or any other issues with iPhone 13 screen and you can use your iPhone normally as you do.

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Update your iPhone 13 to Latest iOS

You need to check for any new update available on your iPhone 13 and update it. Sometimes if you are running an older version of iOS which is not compatible with your iPhone then you may face these issues if laggy or iPhone becomes frozen or unresponsive or keeps crashing or hanging issues and to update follow below steps.

Step 1: Launch Settings -> Tap o General

Step 2: Now, tap on Software Update and your iPhone 13 will check for any new software version of iOS is available or not and if available you need to update it.

Step 3: Now, Click on Download and install and wait for your iPhone to update it.

Once your iPhone downloads and installs new software update, your iPhone 13 will restart itself and you will not face any issue like before you experienced frozen issues, unresponsive, touch not working or any other iPhone 13 issues.

Note: It is always recommended to update your iPhone to the latest iOS version and before updating you need to check with the storage as well. If there is not enough storage then you may need run into issues and iPhone update gets stuck or ot

Reset All Settings

Step 1: Open Setting app -> tap on General -> Select Reset option

Step 2: From here you need to select which type of reset you want to perform on your iPhone 13

Step 3: Now we need to Select Erase all content -> Confirm reset all settings here in pop up box.

Step 4: Now, you need to wait for your iPhone 13 to reset all settings and it will restart.

That’s it, this is how you perform reset all settings on your iPhone 13 if your iphone 13 gets frozen or unresponsive or stuck on anything or touch not working or any other issues you may encounter on your iPhone 13 then reset all settings will fix the issues and if it doesn’t then you need to factory reset setting option on your iPhone 13 and there are couple of ways to do that.

Factory Reset iPhone

Note: this will erase all your data and its recommended to take your backup to icloud or any external device.

Step 1: Tap on Settings -> General and then in general settings select transfer or reset option.

Step 2:  Here all your content will be wiped out along with iphone 13 previous settings and will be restored with original default settings.

Once you select the factory reset option on iPhone 13 then your issue will be resolved as it restores  back to its original default settings and if it doesn’t then you need to contact a nearby apple support store and ask for help.

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