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How to Lock Notes on iPhone 13, 11 or iPad

When it comes to security or keeping locks on your notes is important whether it can be your private notes or it can be your details of your credit card, passwords or any personal notes on iPhone and set password on notes on iPhone 13, 11 or your iPad and sometimes many users face this issue and forget iPhone notes password, so, please make a note before locking notes on your iPhone.

On your iPhone you can lock notes and you are looking to lock notes then it’s very important. From time to time you have probably taken the easy route of putting sensitive information more into the notes app because it’s convenient and you can also share the locked notes on iPhone with others using the iPhone.

How to Lock Notes on iPhone 13,11 or iPad

Step 1: First open Notes on your iphone or ipad and then open the specific note you want to lock with the password.

Step 2: Click the ellipses icon on the screen to open a menu and then tap “lock” in the menu.then the set password screen is displayed.

Step 3: Enter the password you want to lock your iphone or ipad note with in both the password and verify your password with verify fields.

Step 4: Enter a hint to help you remember your password in the hint field

Step 5:,Now, choose whether or not want to follow your note to be unlocked with face id, if your iphone or ipad supports that feature

Step 5: After that click on “done” after entering this information.then you will see the padlock icon at the top of the screen. 

Going forward when you launch the notes app and try to access this note you will be greeted with a locked screen and you will need to enter your password to view it.

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That’s it, this is how you lock notes on iphone or iPad

How to Remove Password on Lock Notes on iPhone or iPad

Step 1: you can remove the password lock from a locked iphone or ipad note at any time by unlocking a locked note.

Step 2: Tap on the Ellipses on the screen to open the menu

Step 3: Then tap the “remove” where the lock icon previously was.

That’s it, this is how you remove password on lock notes on iPhone or ipad and then you will see the note that the lock was removed and the padlock no longer be displayed at the top of the screen.

Change Password for Locked Notes on iPhone or iPad

The following steps that you can change the password for all of your locked iphone and ipad notes.

Step 1: Click on the “settings” app on your iphone or ipad home screen to open the settings menu,and then click on the “notes” in the menu then the notes screen is displayed 

Step 2:click on the “password”  which is displayed on the screen,then the password screen is shown.

Step 3:click on “change password”.then the change password screen is shown.

Step 4:enter your previous password in the old password field,and then enter what you want to be your new password in both the password and verify fields.provide a hint,and then tap on “done”. 

Now, any time you lock one of your notes files,this is the password you will need to enter to unlock it.

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