How to Add Handwritten Signature to PDF File or Notes, images on iPhone iOS 16


  • To create a handwritten signature on iPhone iOS 16 -> Open Notes app -> Select the image and Tap on bottom pin icon and  tap on signature -> Draw your signature using hand and add your signature to image.
  • To add handwritten signature to pdf files -> Tap on Plus icon and tap on your handwritten signature and resize your signature and place it where ever you want on your pdf file.

On your iPhone, if you want to signature to PDF files or Notes on your iPhone 13, 12, 11, x, XR with iOS 15 or 16, then you can easily add your signature to pdf or notes and add handwritten signature on iPhone to pdf or notes on iOS 16. So, let’s see in detail below.

Adding signature on your image files or pdf files or notes is pretty easy and signature on iPhone 13, 12, 11 or any iOS 15, 16 and later and also add digital signature on iPhone iOS 16 and handwritten signature as well using notes app.

Add Signature to Pdf file or Notes on iPhone iOS 16

Below methods will help you to add signature to PDF files or Notes on iPhone iOS 16 and any iPhone.

Create or Add Signature with Notes App on iPhone iOS 16

Step 1: Open your Note Application on your iPhone that you want to add signature to your note.

Step 2: if you want to add signature to a photo then tap on camera on bottom

Step 3: Tap on choose photo or camera 

Step 4: Tap on your photo and tap on add on top right corner.

Step 5: Tap on Photo in your notes app -> then tap on pin icon on bottom bar.

Step 6: Tap on Plus symbol at bottom and tap on signature option.

Step 7: Now, draw your signature here and tap on Done.

Step 8: Now, on your image the hand written signature will be placed and by using crop tool you can make your signature size small and big and place it on the image wherever you want on your image and your signature will be added to image on your iPhone.

That’s it, this is how you add handwritten signature on images on your iPhone iOS 16.

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Share your Signature

Step 1: Create your signature in your notes app on iPhone iOS 16

Step 2: Now, tap on Share icon and then select with which app you want to share like whatsapp, email or other available option and tap on send.

That;s it, this is how you share your signature to others like friends or family on your iPhone iOS  16.

Add Signature on PDF File Using iPhone

Step 1: Go to Files app and open it.

Step 2: Now, open the pdf files that you want to add signature.

Step 3: Now, simple tap on edit with pencil icon on bottom

Step 4: if you have already created a handwritten signature on your iPhone then it will ask you to insert your signature and just tap on it to insert signature to your pdf files.

Step 5: Now, simple resize the inserted signature to pdf files and customize it and place it on bottom or right or top left where ever you want and tap on done.

Step 6: Once you add signature -> tap on share icon and share it using email or whatsapp or any social media sharing option and tap on send.

That;s it, this is how you add a handwritten signature to your PDF files on your iPhone iOS 16.

How do I make an electronic signature on my iPhone?

Step 1: Open PDF File on your iPhone file app.

Step 2: Now, on bottom bar -> Select pencil and tap on plus icon and tap on signature

Step 3: Now, draw your signature and tap on done and save your signature.

That’s it, this is how you make an electronic signature on your iPhone iOS 16.


How do I add a signature to a PDF on my iPhone?

Open pdf files on your iPhone and simply tap on Plus icon and tap on add signature and insert your signature on pdf files.

Where is the toolbox icon on my iPhone?

Open the notes app and on bottom you will see a tool box option with an up arrow pin looking icon and tap on it and add signature to your iPhone.

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