Fixed: Email Signature Image Not Showing on iPhone/iPad iOS 15

  • To fix the email signature image not showing on the iPhone you need to make sure that you are not adding too big size image and install spark app from apple store and fix the issue of email signature.
  • Add or edit your signature and restart your iPhone -> Settings -> Mail app -> Select Signature and add or edit your signature and restart.

When you are sending email and you notice that the email signature image is not showing on iPhone or iPad then you can fix the issue on your own, and many iPhone users face this issue on their iPhone or iPad or email signature image disappears you can also experience mail push not working on iPhone and  by just following the simple email troubleshooting guide and by adding spark app on your iPhone or iPad. So, let’s see in detail below.

On iOS 15 Email Signature Image Not Showing on iPhone or iPad 

Below troubleshooting method helps you fix email signature app not showing on iPhone or iPad with iOS 15.

Download and install spark app from apple store 

Step 1: You need to download spark app from apple play store

Step 2: Search for spark in apple store and click on get and wait for your iPhone or iPad to install.

Step 3: Open the spark app and add your email account by entering the email id and password.

Step 4: Now you need to add signature image in the spark app and to add image follow below steps.

Step 5: Tap on them menu icon 3 lines at the top left corner of the screen and the tap settings.

Step 6: Settings -> turn on “Email signature” -> tap add signature 

Step 7: Now, tap on default for and then select your email account.

Step 8: Now, go back to your previous page and copy and paste the image that you want to set as a signature image.

That;s it now the signature image is added, and make sure you add a low resolution image and don’t add too big size image that will reduce the clarity of the image.

Step 9: After that go to the screen where you create a new mail where you can see the signature image.

Step 10: Next, Tap the image and select copy and after that don’t send that email just close it.

Step 11: Now go to the signature settings of your mail accounts via settings.

Step 12: Next, Tap on all accounts and then paste the image and type something or a dot.

Note: If you don’t add a text or a dot with a signature image it won’t show an email.

Step 13: After that open the apple mail app and create a new mail.

That’s it, Now you can see the signature image that is added automatically.

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Add your Email Signature Again or Edit Your Email Signature on iPhone

You need to add email signature or edit your email signature again, if there is any issue with email signature or iphone it will be resolved by following these steps.

Step 1: Launch settings app on your iPhone or iPad

Step 2: Tap on Mail app

Step 3: Select Signature and Edit your Signature and remove signature and add email signature on iPhone or ipad again.

That’s it, once you add / edit you need to restart your iPhone to make changes reflected. Now your email signature will be added automatically and logo or your signature will be showing now.

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