fix gmail not receiving emails

How to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails

  • To fix gmail not receiving emails -> check your spam folder and mark it as not a spam, check your email filters, check pop and IMAP settings, disable antivirus temporarily.
  • If you are running out of storage space then you will not receive emails. So make sure you free up space and delete unnecessary emails and clear data from your google accounts and default storage space is 15 gb.

Many users are facing an issue with their gmail account that they do not receive emails from the sender’s. Most of the time the issue get solved by switching to a different browser.

Here , are the steps for solving problem which you are facing that your not receiving emails from Gmail

Gmail Not Receiving emails

If  gmail is sending or not receiving emails, so open your gmail account with different browsers, it the issue still persists even though changing browsers then there are certain steps you need to follow .

Check your spam folder

 This is one of the most important things you need to do when you stop receiving emails in your inbox. This option is available in gmail that lets mark an email as “ spam” . The gmail uses the information to identify a similar email to make service more secure for the user.

Report Not Spam and Check spam folder on Gmail

Step 1: Scroll down the left panel of your gmail account and then click on more

Step 2: Next scroll down you will find a spam option.

Step 3: Now open Spam folder and check whether the email is in that folder or not.

If you see an email in a spam folder, open it and click on “ report not spam “.

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Contact the sender

if you are not finding your any gmail in spam folder , you need to contact your sender and ask him to check his outbox, and ask them to send the mail again.

Check cloud storage

If you have created an gmail account, Google provide a free cloud storage space to the user. The Google services are Google sheets, Google drive , Google docs , gmail etc. If your data is full , delete some unwanted data to free up space and then check the spam folder whether they have important mails or not .

Check Email Filters

An email filter is an important feature in gmail .This feature lets the user to block all the emails from a particular sender.

If you want to check whether you are blocked or not follow the step by step procedure

Step 1: Click on settings icon from the top right corner of the gmail account.

Step 2:  Then select  “ see all settings “  .

Step 3: Click on “ filtered and blocked addresses”  ( all the blocked email will appear)

Step 4: Select a particular mail address which you do not want to delete or block the filter.

Turn off Email Forwarding

To turn off email forwarding feature in gmail so fallow the steps

Step 1: click on settings icon from their select “ see all settings”.

Step 2: Click on “ forwarding and pop /IMAP “.

Step 3: if you have enabled this feature you will see the option “ disable forwarding” , Select it .

Step 4: click on the “ save changes”  button.

Disable Antivirus Firewall Protection Temporarily

Some antivirus will farewell will block the mail’s . You can check this by temporarily disabling the antivirus firewall protection. After disabling the antivirus firewall you will start receiving a emails, or else you can replace your antivirus software with another one.