How to Fix Can’t Swipe to Open App Notifications on iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 15 or iPhone 7 and 7 plus or iPad


  • You need to swipe up to open app notifications in right way and swipe and still experiencing issues then you need to restart your iPhone and update your iPhone to latest version.
  • Force restart your iPhone by pressing volume up and volume down and press side button – power button until you see apple logo and reset all settings if needed.

On your iPhone when you are trying to open control content by swiping from top to bottom or trying to open notification by swiping and can’t swipe to open notification on iPhone when your iPhone is locked or can’t swipe on iPhone lock screen on iPhone with iOS 15 or later iPhone then you can fix this issue of can’t swipe to open app notifications easily by just following these simple and quick solutions. Lets see in detail below.

swipe notifications on lock screen iOS 15 will not work when you are having issues with touch screen issues and touch screen will not respond when you swipe to open app notifications or notifications silenced on iPhone or text notifications not working on iPhone or messenger notifications and try to clear notifications when iPhone is locked and clear app notifications on iphone.

Fix Cant Swipe to Open App Notifications on iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 15 or iPhone 7 and 7 plus or iPad

Below iPhone troubleshooting methods will help you swipe to open app notifications on your iPhone lock screen.

Solution 1: Swiping the Notification on Left Side of the Screen

On the new version of iOS the swipe feature on iPhone lock screen responds differently and you can also see reply as well when you swipe app notifications like messages app, etc and on your iPhone or ipad you can see the notifications on the screen or iPhone unavailable message on lock screen or iPhone not showing whatsapp notifications, Swipe the notification to the left side until you see options then click on it then you can view your notification.

Solution 2: Restart your iPhone or iPad

Step 1: Launch Settings app on your iphone or ipad then click on General option

Step 2: Now scroll down the screen and click on Shut Down 

Step 3: Move the slider to right side of the screen to power off your iphone and wait for few seconds and again turn on your iPhone.

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Solution 3: Update your iPhone to the Latest Version of iOS 15

Step 1: Open Settings icon on your iphone then select General 

Step 2: Now click on Software Update displayed on top of the screen then check if your iphone update is available or not.

Step 3: Update and install your iphone if it is available by following iphone instructions

Solution 4: Force Restart your iPhone 

Step 1: Press and Release the volume up button and quickly press and release the volume down button on your iphone

Step 2: After that press and hold the power button until apple logo appears on the screen

Solution 5: Reset All Settings

Step 1: Open Settings Menu on your iphone or ipad then click on General option

Step 2: Scroll down the screen and Click on Transfer or Reset iphone option then after click on Reset displayed on bottom of your screen.

Step 3: Now pop up window is displayed then you need to select Reset All settings 

Step 4: Now enter your passcode of your iphone again a pop up window is displayed on the screen

Step 5: select Reset All Settings and again select Reset All Settings to confirm reset of your iphone

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