Notifications Silenced Message on iPhone 12, 13 iOS 15


  • To fix Notifications silenced message on iPhone iOS 15 -> Disable DNB and focus status and turn off schedule summary and sleep schedule and turn it off.
  • Notifications silenced means your focus mode is enabled and people who are not included in this list will get notification and will send silent notifications on iPhone.
  • Notification silenced means you are not blocked or another person did not block you. 

On new apple iPhone iOS 15 there is a new feature added and users who have updated their iPhone to latest iPhone iOS 15 version are seeing messages like “user Notifications Silenced Message on iPhone” and many of users are not aware why these message is displayed and some of them even wonder that this message means does notifications silenced mean blocked or users are pretty much confused.

If you are receiving this error message Notifications Silenced Message on iPhone then you need to unsilence notifications and turn on allow notifications on your iPhone and turn off silenced notifications on iPhone iOS 15.

Get Rid of Notifications Silenced Messages on iPhone?

Below iPhone iOS 15 troubleshooting guide will help you get rid of Notifications Silenced Message on iPhone in messages with new iOS 15 feature. 

Disable Do Not Disturb and Focus Status

Step 1: Launch settings app on iphone -> Scroll down and tap on focus.

Step 2: Tap on Do Not Disturb -> Turn off Do Not Disturb mode by toggle the button.

Step 3: Now, tap on focus status and turn off focuts status.

Once you disable and turn off DND and focus status then go ahead and check whether notification silenced messages on iphone is gone or not and if not try other methods below.

Turn off Focus Under Message

Step 1: Go to settings app -> Scroll down and find messages and tap on it.

Step 2: In messages settings -> In Allow messages to access -> Turn off Focus and toggle the button next to it to turn off.

Turn off Share With Message

Step 1: Open settings -> Scroll down and tap on privacy

Step 2: Scroll down and Tap on focus

Step 3: Now, turn off shared with messages button next to it.

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Turn OFF Schedule Summary

Step 1: Open Settings -> Tap on Notifications

Step 2: Tap on Scheduled Summary 

Step 3: Turn off scheduled summary if it is turned on.

Disable Sleep Schedule

Step 1: Launch settings

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on focus

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on sleep -> scroll down and tap on schedule and options.

Step 4: Toggle off sleep schedule and disable it.

That’s it, by following all above steps and turning off all above options on your iPhone then your issue of Notifications Silenced Message on iPhone will be fixed and you wont get to see iPhone notifications silenced message.

What Does it Mean When Someone Has Notifications Silenced on iPhone

If your notifications are silenced then this means that you have settings enabled like focus settings or dnb mode for selected contacts or contact person is not in your favorite list and other settings which is preventing iPhone to allow notifications and notifications gets silenced and if you have muted notifications for particular contact then you may also see this message.

Does Notification Silenced Mean Blocked

No! Notification silenced means you have not blocked but due to settings on your iPhone your iPhone messages got silenced and this happens for several reasons (like dnd mode, sleep scheduled or focus status settings etc and if a person blocks you will not receive any message on iPhone not notifications silenced message on iPhone.

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