iPhone 12 not getting App Notification

How to Fix iPhone 12 not getting App Notification

If you are not getting notifications on your iPhone 12 or push notifications or not showing up notifications on your iPhone 12  then there are couple of simple steps to fix these issue with iPhone 12 notifications.

How to Fix iPhone 12 not getting App Notification?

Update your iPhone

Toggle off and on the allow notification option

Restart your iPhone

And suggestions to fix iPhone 12 not getting App Notification.

Solution 1 : Update your iPhone 

Updated Your iPhone to the latest iOS version. Many of the people reported they have solved this issue after the latest software update. 

  1. Go to Settings. 
  2. Tap on General.
  3. And you can see Software Update option tap that one. 
  4. Check whether there is any Software Update available, if so than tap on the Automatic Update option.
  5. Make sure that you have turned on Download iOS Updates option, because it will automatically install the Updates over WIFI.

Solution 2 : Toggle off and on the Allow Notification 

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. tap on Notification.
  3. click the Show previews option. 
  4. In this you will have to select the Always option.
  5.  If you have selected already then click the, When unlock and then again select the Always option.
  6. Now go back to the App page and select the App which you are not getting Notification Alerts.
  7. Then you have to turn on the Allow  Notifications.
  8. And also the three Alerts should be Turned On. That is Lock screen, Notification Centre, and Banners.
  9.  So that you will get notifications without a problem.

Solution 3 : Restart your iPhone 

This simple thing will sort out your problem from your iPhone.

  1. Press and hold the Volume Up and Down button once.
  2. then Press the Side button, there appears a Power Off Slider.
  3. You will have to drag the slider from the left to the right. 
  4. Your phone will be restarted now.

If the solutions are not working they are few suggestions given: 

Suggestion 1 : Make sure “Do not Disturb” option is turned Off. You can see the crescent moon shape here now. That is the Do not disturb option, yeah its turned off. 

Suggestion 2 : Check the Bluetooth option is turned on or off. Because when any Bluetooth device is connected to your iPhone you can’t hear the notification.

Suggestion 3 : Uninstall and Reinstall the specified app which you do not get notification.

How to Fix iPhone 12 not getting App Notification?

If you are not receiving notification on your iPhone 12 then you can restart your iPhone, update your iPhone, Toggle off and on the allow notification option to receive iPhone 12 notifications correctly without any delay