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Install Google Play Store on Toshiba smart TV

  • To install google play store on toshiba smart tv -> open browser on toshiba tv -> search for google play store -> Download google play store link and run apk file on toshiba tv.

There are many companies for smart TVs and Toshiba is one among them which has popular use in business fields and google play store comes default and if you have uninstalled or for some reasons you want to install then you can install google play on toshiba smart tv

As it is very customer friendly, customers’ approach towards this is very high. Also Toshiba has experts in the fields of IT and medical equipment. Most of the population are aware of Toshiba for its office equipment manufacturing, smart phones, electronics and few home appliances. Toshiba smart phones run on Windows Mobile OS but to make a daily life very simpler most of the people prefer Google services like Gmail, Google maps, audio etc. To experience all these services on your Toshiba smart TV one must download Google Play store. In this article I’ll be showing you how to install google play store on your Toshiba smart TV.

Install Google Play Store on Toshiba smart TV

How to install Google Play on Toshiba Smart tv

Step 1: Open your PC and go to the browser and open it.

Step 2: Now go to any of the app centre which offer Google Play store for free

Step 3: Download the link from the app centre that you choose.

Step 4: Now that an apk gets downloaded.

Step 5: Copy the downloaded apk file and transfer it to your smart TV via pen drive

Step 6: Open the downloaded apk on your smart TV and a click on install.

Step 7:Now installation process will take few minutes, after installation open the application and enjoy Google Play services.

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How to Download Google Play Store on Toshiba Smart tv

To download google play store on toshiba tv you need to open google chrome browser or download google play store apk on to your usb cable and insert usb stick on back of your toshiba smart tv and run google play store apk file and allow apps to install from third party and install google play store on toshiba smart tv.

No Google Play Store on Toshiba Smart tv

If you cant find google play store or no google play store on toshiba tv you need to install downloading apk file from internet.

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Lakshmi Durga
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