how to get paramount plus on apple tv

How to Get Paramount Plus on Apple TV

  • To get paramount plus on apple tv first you need to have active subscription plan and open apple store -> Search for Paramount plus and get paramount plus on apple tv and wait for paramount plus to complete installation process.

For the Apple TV users, Apple has introduced a new streaming app for their customers to stream Live TV channels and their demand content. You can get these from the Appstore and this will replace the already existing CBS all access app. So, if you using Apple TV HD version, then you can get paramount plus app easily. It will convert paramount plus if you have an access of CBS access to the app. The thing you have to note in Apple TV is that you cannot install any app manually on TV you have to cast or screen mirror the app from your iPad or iPhone.

Paramount Plus Subscription

The plans of paramount plus subscriptions is same as that of old CBS access $99.99per year(without ads),$9.99 per month (without ads), $5.99 per month(with ads). If you access with ad pack, then only you will get limited content. Live TV channels and local channel available with only without Ad pack.

How to Get Paramount Plus on Apple tv

Step 1: First, open Appstore on your Apple TV  and go to search option which is located on the top.

Step 2: Then type paramount plus app on search tab.

Step 3: Choose paramount plus app from the result. Click on Get icon to install paramount plus app.

Step 4: After successful installation, click on open button to launch paramount plus app on your apple TV.

How to Activate Paramount Plus

Step 1: When you launch paramount plus app, then you will get an activation code and go for the paramount plus activation website.

Step 2: Now, enter paramount plus activation code and click on the activation button.

Step 3: Finally, you can stream all paramount plus content on your apple TV.

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How to Airplay Paramount Plus on Apple TV

Step 1: First, install paramount plus app on iphone or iPad from Appstore and connect your Apple TV and iOS device to same  wifi connection.

Step 2: Open paramount plus app and click on Airplay icon. From that choose Apple TV where the list is shown below.

Step 3: Then play any video file from paramount plus and the same video content will appear on your Apple TV.


By usingĀ  above two ways, you can stream paramount plus app on your Apple TV. If you dont want to activate the app, then cast paramount plus app directly from your iPhone or iPod.