How to Install Apps on Apple TV

How to Install Apps on Apple TV

  • To install apps on Apple tv -> Go to Apps store -> Search for app which you want to install -> click on get button and install free and paid versions on your apple tv.
  • If you can’t see the get button on apple tv then this means that you have already installed that app.

On your apple tv you can download and install or get paid apps on your apple tv also games from apple store and installing process is pretty simple all you need is to have an apple account. Here I’m gonna show you how to install apps on your Apple TV like hbo max. Now follow the procedure carefully and install apps 

Install Apps on Apple tv

Step 1: Take out your Apple TV remote and scroll down to the Settings App

Step 2: Go to Users and Accounts and add a default user.

Step 3: Now it does give you the option to sign in with your iphone. If you have an iphone that’s connected to the same network then you can use that to simply physically move your iphone next to that apple TV and it will transfer my Apple id from one device to the other but if you are not connected to Wifi or you  just want to manually sign in you can tell it to do that as well.

Step 4: From here you need to enter your personal Apple id and then hit continue.

Step 5: Here it’s going to ask for your password now again this is your own personal Apple id password (if you forgot password then forget apple id password and set new password )and if you need to change back and forth between capital and lowercase letters you can do so here.

Step 6: Now once you’re done signing with your apple id,  go ahead and sign in now from here it’s going to send you a text message to your personal device. This is a six digit code you need to tell it to allow and then enter in that six digit code again using the same apple remote. So now from here you’re officially logged in to your personal Apple id on your apple TV.

Step 7: So, now that you’ve signed in your name should show up at the top and now you should have the ability to use that apple id to purchase apps whether they be free apps or paid apps. So what you can do here is you can go to your app store icon and when you access the app store you now have the ability to download apps.

Step 8: So if you hit continue there’s a lot of different apps to choose. Now first of all you’re going to find pretty much every streaming service out there so there is a chance that maybe you have some content that you like to use from Netflix or things like that.

Step 9: You could go ahead and install that on your own or what I would recommend is to click on the get button and when you click get it says hey do you want to download this for free you say sure and it’s going to go ahead and download that to your device.

Step 10: Now it’s going to ask for your apple id password again and log in now it will probably ask you the first time do you want to require this password every single time you download an app maybe every 15 minutes or don’t keep asking me for this password that’s up to you and then it will go ahead and download this app to your apple TV. 

How to find Installed Apps on Apple tv

Go ahead and go back and you can scroll down and you’ll find all kinds of other apps in here they’re organized by category you can get any app from there.

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How to Download Apps on Apple tv?

To download apps on apple tv -> Navigate to apps section -> search for apps which you want to install and click on get button to download apps on apple tv and install it.

Cant see Get or install Button on Apple tv?

If you can’t see the get button or install button then you have probably installed app on your apple tv already.

Can’t see the app store on Apple tv?

If you can’t see the app store on apple tv then you need to update your apple tv to the latest version.