How to Fix Netflix dolby Atmos on apple tv 4k

  • To fix Netflix Dolby Atmos on Apple tv 4k Sound issues -> you need to reboot your apple tv and check with your external soundbar and they are supported to play atmos 4k sounds on apple tv 4k or not.
  • Update your apple tvOS to latest version and contact Apple tv support and netflix support to fix Netflix dolby atmos on apple tv 4k

On Apple tv 4k if you are having issue with netflix dolby atoms and when playing netflix video on dolby atoms on netflix you are hearing popping sound or crackling sound or any other issues with dolby atoms on your apple tv 4k then this issue can be resolved easily. So, lets see in detail below.

Many Apple tv 4k users are experiencing the issue with netflix dolby atmos on apple tv and to experience Dolby atmos on apple tv 4k you need to enable it on your apple tv 4k video and audio settings and check dolby atmos and enable it first.

Fix Netflix dolby atmos on apple tv 4k

Below netflix and apple tv 4k troubleshooting methods will help you fix Fix Netflix dolby atmos on apple tv 4k.

Check External Soundbar Is Supported or Not

If you have connected to your external soundbar sound system then you need to check with the external soundbar and they are supported with Dolby atmos with your apple tv 4k.

Reboot Apple TV

Step 1: Go to Settings on your Apple tv

Step 2: Select System option and Press ok.

Step 3: Now, select the Restart option and confirm.

Now, wait for your apple tv 4k to completely restart and once your apple tv 4k restarts then your issue of netflix dolby atmos not working or any issue with dolby atmos on your apple tv 4k issues will be resolved.

Update your Apple tv OS

If you are running outdated Apple tv OS on your apple tv 4k then this sound issue while playing movies in dolby atmos 4k sound popping or sound dropping issue can occur. So, update your appel tv OS to the latest Available Apple tvOS.

Step 1: Launch Settings on your Apple tv 4k.

Step 2: Go to System

Step 3: Under Maintenance -> Select Software Update

Step 4: Click on Software Update and check for any latest version of Apple tv OS is available and click on download and update if new version of Apple tvOS is available.

That’s it, once you update your apple tv 4k with latest Appel tv OS then your issue of Netflix dolby atmos on apple tv 4k or any audio issue with apple tv 4k while watching netflix video or movie will be fixed successfully.

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Contact Apple tv Support and Netflix Support

You need to contact appel tv support and they will guide you accordingly and solve the issue of Netflix dolby atmos on apple tv 4k and other issues with your apple tv as well and if you are having only problem with Netflix movies dolby atmos problem then contact netflix support.

How do I enable Dolby Atmos on Apple TV 4K

Step 1: Go to Settings on Apple tv 4k

Step 2: Select Video and Audio

Step 3: Under Immersive Audio -> Check Dolby Atmos and turn it on.

Why Netflix dolby atmos on apple tv 4k?

This can be a temporary software glitches or it can be an issue with your soundbar or external speakers connected to apple tv 4k are supported to play dolby atmos 4k or not and it can be with outdated apple tv OS as well and update your appletv OS to latest version.

Does Apple TV 4K support Netflix Dolby Atmos?

Yes! Dolby Atmos are supported on Apple tv 4k from 5th generation with appel tv OS 12 or later and you can play netflix videos on Apple tv 4k with Dolby atmos. 

How do I activate Dolby Atmos on Netflix?

You need to have a subscription plan that supports dolby atmos in your Netflix subscription and choose a plan that offers dolby and 4k.

Why is My Dolby Atmos Not Working for Netflix App?

You need to enable dolby atmos on your apple tv 4k in Apple TV Settings -> video and sound settings ->  under immersive sound settings -> Enable Dolby Atmos and turn it on.

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