How to Fix Apple tv Not Working on Hisense Smart tv

  • To fix apple tv not working on hisense -> Power reset or hard reset by unplugging power cable from wall outlet and wait for 30 seconds and plug them back
  • Clear cache and clear data and update sony tv to latest software version.
  • Delete apple tv app and reinstall apple tv and logout of apple tv app and login again.

If you are having hisense smart tv and apple tv is not working on hisense smart tv and running into issues like apple tv not responding or (if apple tv not working on samsung tv check this) any other issues then you can fix apple tv not working easily and get it up and running on your own. 

If you experience Apple tv not working then the first thing you need to try is power reset or hard reset your hisense smart tv and apple tv and if it doesn’t then follow these other below methods.

Apple tv Not Working on Hisense Smart tv

Below hisense tv troubleshooting methods will help you get rid of apple tv issues on hisense smart tv.

Power Reset or Hard Reset

Step 1: Remove the power plug from wall socket

Step 2: Wait for 60 seconds

Step 3: Now, turn on your hisense smart tv and check whether your apple tv is working or not.

Most of the apple tv users will be up and running with this simple power reset or hard reset method.

Fix Apple tv Not Working on Hisense Smart tv

Restart your Router or Modem

Step 1: Remove all power connectors plugged into your router and hisense smart tv.

Step 2: wait for 30 seconds

Step 3: Now, plug back all removed modem or router cables and restart your hisene smart tv.

Delete Apple TV App and Reinstall Apple tv

Step 1: Go to apps section on sony smart tv

Step 2: Uninstall and delete apple tv app.

Step 3: Now, navigate to apps sedition -> in search bar type in apple tv and install apple tv on hisense smart tv.

Once you uninstall and install apple tv app your apple tv not working issues will be resolved successfully.

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Clear Cache and Clear Data

Step 1: Go to Settings -> My Apps

Step 2: Go to all apps

Step 3: Locate Apple tv app and select clear cache and clear data of apple tv app.

Once you clear cache and data your apple tv will be working fine and due to cache issue apple tv may not be responding properly.

Update Sony Smart tv to latest version

If you are running outdated software version on your sony smart tv then apps may not be compatible or run into issues, so, update sony smart tv and check your issues with apple tv is fixed or not.

Logout of apple tv and login again

You can also try logging out of apple tv app and re-login if you have issues with apple tv keeps crashing or no audio when playing video or any other issues with apple tv on hisense smart tv.

Factory Reset Hisense Smart tv

Note: Factory reset will erase all data and wipe out all settings and restore its settings to its default original settings.

You need to factory reset if all the above steps doesn’t work only and your issue with apple tv not working on hisense smart tv will be resolved as your hisense smart tv will be like a brand new tv with nothing installed. 

Why apple tv not Working on Hisense Smart tv

This can be due to an issue with apple tv cache issues or it can be due to running outdated software’s on sony smart tv, a temporary software glitch.

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