Download Apk From Google Play Store

How to Download APK From Google Play Store

If your smart device lacks space or else if you want to work in remote areas for this you need to install a simple APK app on android or desktop devices. 

What is APK file?

APK is abbreviated as android package kit with this you can save apps as an APK file to your memory card, or cloud drive in order to save space and install them in later stages when you are offline, whereas in Some areas where the app downloading is restricted. In order to download apps from google play store is not an easy task, to override this there are some ways to download apps from chrome extension or firefox.

How to download apk from google play store

Download APK by Browser extension

Download APK By Using Evozi

Method :1 APK Downloading from browser extension

In order to download APK files from browser extension, we are using codekienm’s APK downloader extension. Let’s see couple of steps.

Step: 1 If you are done with your extension to your desktop browser.

Step: 2 Then you have to enter an email address for storing in chrome extension which is associated with google play store.

Step:3 Once done with it download an device ID app to get device ID.

Step:4 You can use this email address and password to log in to APK downloader.

Step: 5 Once you finished with it then go to the play store and search for an app which you want to download.

Step: 6 After that you need to click on install or buy button

Step: 7 Now click on the ‘Download APK’ option.

Method: 2 Download APK By Using Evozi

If you are failing to download from the above mentioned method let’s use this method to override the space issue by downloading APK with a few steps.

Step: 1 Now open google play store available on your smart device.

Step: 2 After that search for the app and tap on it which you want to download the APK.

Step: 3 After hitting on the app you will find a three dots icon on the top right corner.

Step: 4 Then from available two options select share option.

Step: 5 After clicking on share option for copying the selected app Url link from google play store.

Step: 6 Now open chrome in your device

Step: 7 Then go to evozi APK downloader page in your browser

Step: 8 Now paste the Url link in the search bar copied from the google play store.

Step: 9 After that tap on generate download link.

Step: 10 Now click on click here to download option.

From the above two methods you can easily download the APK file from the chrome extension by using Url from google play store.

Navigate to this url and copy and paste the playstore url link to download the apk file.

How to download apk from play store on pc?

By using chrome extension browser apk downloader or by evozi from your desktop go ahead and copy and paste the url of play store app and click on download apk to download apk from playstore on PC.

Download apk from play store chrome extension?

Open you chrome browser and search for apk downloader or go ahead and click on this apk downloader direct link to download and add it to chrome and enable apk downloader extension.