Best App Hider for Android without Root and APPS

Sometimes you don’t want anyone to come in between your privacy as your phone contains some private photos, videos, files etc. In that situation hiding apps and maintaining security to your phone when you lost your device as well and helps  protecting and hiding of information became very important and here is the list of all app hiders apk files.

Best App Hider for Android without Root

Hide it Pro

Vault App

Clock Secret Vault App

Nova Launcher

Pic Safe

Apex launcher


Privacy Master

No Root required

There are some apps which we can use for protecting or hiding our essential information.

1. Hide photos, videos, hide it pro:

This app has been trusted by more than 20 million people with a very good rating. It will hide videos, photos from the gallery and allows you to access pin code. By using this app you can share your phone with others without thinking about your privacy.

2. Vault app:

By using this app you can upload pictures and videos to cloud space for more protection. It can also hide your SMS and easily backup them when you need. It has protection for contacts and some features like data transfer, call remainder, password recovery, call remainder etc.

3. Clock secret vault app:

It allows us to lock our gallery and security for media files with a password. App looks like a clock. By using this app you can prevent leakage of information. 

4. Nova launcher:

You can secure all your secret apps in the docs like a folder. It can change the background and icon of the folder. It seems like a home screen replacement. Its working speed is very high and allows subgrid positioning of other apps.

5. Pic safe:

It is able to hide or protect your pictures and videos with password lock. Sometimes you click pictures like aadhar, study certificates, passport etc.

6. Apex launcher:

The app is loaded with many exciting features with hiding features. It’s easy interface makes choice of many users for easy use and helps in organising other apps.

7. Locker:

It will remove all your home apps and place them in the locker. You may keep private pictures in a locker rather than a photo library. You can store any file inside the locker.

8. Privacy master:

 Using this app nobody can know your secret. It allows secure apps like whatsapp, Facebook, messenger, Snapchat, etc., it can hide browsing history, pictures and videos.

9. No root required: App Hider  for Android

This app supports backup and more advanced features that reboot, free storage space, clean cache, app notification clean etc. it supports to hide apps and provide  PIN lock for app to make security. 

Still you need more options to hide app:

Step 1: Click on the home screen and move to more apps in your mobile then open settings.

Step 2: In that you can see the hide apps button, click on it.

Step 3: Click on the apps which you want to hide.

By using all above methods or apps you can secure your files, photos etc.

Are App hiders safe?

Yes! If your device is lost or stolen and your mobile is accessed by any third person then using app hiders is safe so that no third person or stolen device apps will be hidden and your data or apps will be safe. App hiders are always safe to use but you need to use them with root or without root app hiders are safe and in android app hiders make your device more secure by default. 

How to Hide Apps on Android

to hide apps on android all you need to do is install the app hides and enable them, that’s it and select the apps which you want to hide and apps will be hidden on your android and hiding apps by apps is the best way to hide apps on your android device.

Ramana Tula is a - Technical Content Writer and he is a Full stack Web and Android Developer also - SEO Manager and also manages Digital Marketing.

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