3 Methods to install HBO Max on Sony Bravia Smart tv

  • Easiest way to install HBO Max on Sony Bravia smart tv is to get it installed using Google Play Store -> Search for HBO Max and click on install.

If you want to install hbo max on sony bravia smart tv you can get hbo max on sony smart tv and you can add hbo max app to sony tv easily and download it from google play store and install hbo max on sony tv.

HBO max is the new streaming premium service of AT&T/ warner media and it is available on all smart TVs. Sony is one of the manufacturers smart TV can support the app directly from their platform. These HBO max can be supported by various media streams including iOS like Apple TV streams. HBO max allows you to stream TV shows, hit movies, max originals, web series etc. The only Android TV based Sony Smart TV supports HBO max and android based media players like NVidia shield TV but there is no availability for Roku TVs, Amazon products.

Those who have subscribed Hulu will be able to convert these into HBO max and Comcast infinity HBO subscribers with flex devices  can enjoy these services directly alongside with other programming of their TV packages and company library partners like OTT.

The users of Sony can download the app which has been featured in Sony select row on interface. It can be downloaded from chrome boxes, android mobiles, Apple TV, Android TV,  iPhone, desktop computers, iPad, Samsung TVs. These HBO libraries contain television networks including TBS, cartoon network, turned classic music, movies from warner bros and more.

HBO app costs $14.99 per month after initial 7 trial days, it is more expensive than Hulu, Netflix, Amazon prime etc. The following procedure will explain how to stream HBO max on Sony smart TV.

How to install HBO Max on Sony Bravia Smart tv?

Install and activate HBO Max app

Subscribe and Install HBO Max app

Cast HBO Max to Sony Bravia

Method 1: Install and Activate HBO max app

Step 1: Open “Play store” on your Sony smart TV and search for HBO max.

Step 2: Choose the app from your search list and click on the “install” button.

Step 3: After installation, open HBO max app and click on the “subscribe now” button.

Step 4: An activation code will appear on your screen and visit “HBO max activation” on your phone or computer.

Step 5: Then enter your activation code and click on “Next”.

Step 6: Select “sign in” and enter with your login details to activate the app. If you are new user click on “ sign up”  option, enter your details I.e., name, mail I’d, password and complete the activation.

Step 7: After activating the app, the HBO max app of Sony TV refreshes automatically to display content.

Thats it, this is how you install HBO max on Sony bravia Smart tv

Method 2: Subscribe and Install HBO Max App

Step 1: Go to play store and search HBO max app. Select app from suggestion list.

Step 2: Tap on “ subscribe and install”. Select “agree and continue” option to link your HBO max account with google account.

Step 3: Now, you can choose “payment method” and click on the subscribe button. Create a password for your google linked HBO max account.

Step 4: Click on the “Continue to HBO max” option. Finally, play a video and start streaming on Sony smart TV.

Method 3: Alternate ways – Cast  HBO max on Sony TV

If your Sony smart TV is built in support with Chromecast, you can cast HBO max from your smart phones.

Step 1: Connect your TV and smart phone(apple or android) to same WI-FI or internet network.

Step 2: Launch HBO max app and click on cast icon. Then, select Sony smart TV.

Step 3: Search for a title that you want to play and it will start playing on your TV Screen.

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How to Add HBO Max App to Sony tv?

To Add installed hbo max app on your sony smart tv home screen and add it to your favorites then go ahead and press home button -> Move right arrow and highlight Plus (+) icon and click on it -> Now select HBO Max app. That’s it, this is how you add hbo max app on sony bravia smart tv home screen.

How to Move HBO Max App on Sony Bravia Smart tv?

Press home button -> Side by Apps section -> move right and Select hbo max app and press and hold ok button until you see a pop up and get more options -> Now, select Move option to move hbo max to right or left and pin it the desired location on sony bravia smart tv home screen.

How to Download HBO Max on Sony Bravia Smart tv?

You need to download hbo max on sony tv using google play store and install it. Go ahead and search for HBO max app on click on download to install hbo max on sony bravia smart tv.

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