How to Set Parenting control on Sony Bravia

If you want to keep a parenting control for few apps not to be accessed by your kids then you can set 4 digit pin number and setup parenting control on Sony Bravia to restrict access to certain apps by using this option. Lets see in detail how to set parenting control on Sony Bravia and you can easily turn off parenting control whenever you want by just navigating to parenting control and enter 4 digit pin and select turn off parenting control.

Types of parenting control on Sony Bravia?

Set parenting control on Sony Bravia

  • Step 1: Press home button on your Sony Bravia remote control.
  • Step 2: Highlight settings and press ok button to access settings of sony bravia.
  • Step 3: Scroll down and in personal settings -> Highlight Parenting control and press ok.
  • Step 4: Highlight password and press ok and set 4 digit pin of your own.
  • Note: To enable parenting control on Sony Bravia you need to first create a  4 digit password and then set parenting control.
  • Step 5: Now select rating -> select child and press ok and this will block and restrict broadcast option.

That’s it this is how you set up parenting control on Sony Bravia.

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Types of parenting control on Sony Bravia?

There are different types of parenting control options on Sony Bravia like

Restrict Broadcasting content.

Restricts apps on your home screen.

Restrict content within app.

Restrict content to download apps from google play store.

How to change parenting control 4 digit pin password?

If you have forgotten your 4 digit pin of parenting control then you need to factory reset sony bravia tv in order to set a new pin for your parenting control.

Can I Restrict Youtube App / Streaming Channels Using parenting control?

Yes! you can restrict youtube app or any other streaming apps on sony bravia using parenting control settings easily.

Parenting control on Sony bravia Smart tv

Setting->Naviagate to parenting control section->enter your pin and restrict apps or broadcasting, restricts apps like youtube or any and also you can restrict apps to download from google playstore.

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