How to Sideload App on Hisense Smart TV

How to Sideload App on Hisense Smart TV

  • To sideload app on hisense smart tv you need to allow unknown sources – allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

For streaming games apps, movies and other apps there is a huge variety of methods available to make people more comfortable. While this variety of available  apps provide different services for different services. From the available apps If we choose a particular app it may or may not support that device. If the app is supported for your device you no need to choose any method for streaming. We need to directly load that particular app on your device from the app store. If it does not support your device ,now we have to select screen mirroring, sideloading, casting methods or we can also choose another app. In this article we are going to discuss how to sideload any apps on hisense smart tv. Before going into depth with the topic, let’s take some measure for sideloading any apps on our Hisense smart tv.

Sideload APP on Hisense Smart tv

Turn on or Enable Unknown Sources on Hisense Smart TV

Lets follow some preconditions to sideload any app on our hisense smart tv.

Step:1 Open ‘settings’ option from your Hisense smart tv main menu

Step:2 After that, open the ‘Personal’ option and select the ‘security’ option.

Step:3 Next select accept or allow from ‘Unknown sources’ menu in order to enable unknown sources on our hisense smart tv

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File Manager Installation on Hisense Smart tv

Follow little precondition instructions to sideload app on our hisense smart tv

Step:1 Once your Hisense smart tv connected to Wi-Fi, now go to google play store

Step:2 Now in the search bar type ‘file manager’ and select on it

Step:3 After that tap on install, next it is installed in our smart tv

Sideload Launcher Installation on Hisense Smart TV

Now follow some quick steps to install sideload launcher in our hisense smart tv

Step:1 Now connect your smart tv to your Wi-Fi, next go to google play store 

Step:2 After that in the search bar type Sideload launcher and install it

Sideload any app on your hisense smart tv using USB drive

Lets follow some quick easy steps to sideload any app on your hisense smart tv by using USB drive

Step:1 In this step you need to choose your desired search engine on your pc or laptop 

Step:2 Now browse for the website and choose the location to download the APK file of that app on your pc or  laptop.

Step:3 Next select the app of that app which you want to sideload it on your smart tv

Step:4 After that select USB drive on your pc or laptop, next copy and paste it that apk file of the app on USB drive

Step:5 Now eject that USB drive from your pc or laptop and put it in your smart tv port 

Step:6 Next go to ‘file manager’ and choose the folder which you copied that apk of app

Step:7 After that install and open the apk of that app on your smart tv

Sideload Any App on Hisense Smart TV By Using Desktop

Step:1 Now open web browser in your desktop

Step:2 After that open google play store in your desktop 

Step:3 Then choose the app on your desktop which you want to sideload on your smart tv.

Step:4 Click on install.

Step:5 After installation it ask for sign in with google account and complete the process

Step:6 Now select Hisense smart tv from the available dropdown list in your desktop 

Step:7 Once again click on install in your desktop then the app will be displayed on your tv

Step:8 Now go to sideload launcher app and open that app

Hisense smart tv manufactured a different variety of electronic products and it is a hisense brand. Now this brand is serving the world widely. Hopefully the above mentioned methods and quick steps will solve the problem of how to sideload any app on hisense smart tv.