Samsung Smart TV keeps Loosing internet Connection

Samsung Smart TV keeps Loosing internet Connection

  • When you are connected to the internet on your Samsung Smart tv due to slow internet connection or weak wifi signal wifi keeps dropping.
  • There are few other reasons as well, if your wifi is not in close range to your samsung smart tv then it gets disconnected.
  • To fix this wifi signal keeps dropping you need to  Restart your Samsung smart tv, reset network settings, check for any software update is available, perform a hard reboot, power reset to fix samsung tv keeps loosing internet connection issue and troubleshoot samsung smart tv wifi issues.

Samsung is a famous electronic product and multinational south Korean company. The products like TVs, mobile phones, microwaves, etc. Samsung smart TV is very popular for high quality screens and ease of connection.

It provides the WI-FI connectivity feature to TV in the present technological world. Using these smart TV internet features we can use Netflix, YouTube etc. It needs a stable internet connection. You may face issues like Samsung smart TV losing its internet connection or not detecting any WI-FI connection or not connecting to wifi. So, there are a few reasons such as firmware or smart TV need to reset. These can be fixed by using below methods.

First you need to reconnect so go ahead and disconnect and connect wifi internet and connect samsung tv wifi again as below.

Connect Smart TV to WI-FI  or Internet Network  On Samsung Smart tv

Step 1: Open settings of your TV.

Step 2: Choose “general” option and then select network. Tap on open “Network settings”.

Step 3: Open network settings and choose WI-FI network from the list and enter your network password.

Step 4: Select done and click on ‘ok’.

Restart Your Samsung Smart TV to fix wifi Loosing Internet Connection

Samsung smart TV network settings are corrupted if your TV is turned off with TV remote and stay off for 15 min.

Step 1: In a normal way, turn on your TV and let it run for 5 min.

Step 2: Remove power cable directly from wall , instead of turning off with remote and then wait at least 20 min and restart it(means connect again).

Step 3: Enter your WI-FI password details and enter

Step 4: Check the problem has been fixed or not.

Restart internet Connection

If the problem is not with TV then it with WI-FI service may not function properly or the DNS setting of the router and it may block the TV accessing the internet.

Step 1: Turnoff router internet, wait for 10 minutes at least and turn on again.

Step 2: Load the internet settings of the router, if access is granted try to connect with TV to WI-FI.

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Change Internet Connection

If mac address of TV has blocked, internet router will not be able to connect with WI-FI connection provided by router.

Step 1: Switch on TV and go to Wi-Fi settings. Turn on your mobile hotspot.

Step 2: It shows the available name of the hotspot, connect to that and check the problem has solved or not.

Step 3: If mobile hotspot is connected to TV.Then most probably TVs mac address has blocked by internet router.

Step 4: Then you can contact your ISP to unblock your TV mac address.

Firm Update

The firmware of device should be updated according to latest version of TV model and region.

If  you not updated firm ware you will not connect to internet. 

Step 1: Open “Samsung product support center” and select the model of Samsung TV that you are using.

Step 1: Tap on download and wait for it.

Step 2: Now extract the downloaded files to USB and it does not have any other data on it.

Step 3: Convert USB to TV and click menu button on your remote.

Step 4: Choosesupport from menu and Then “software upgrade” option. 

Step 5: Select “ By USB” from the list and click on “ok”.

Step 6: New update will be installed and wait for process to complete. And try to connect with WI-FI.

Perform Hard Reboot:

By performing a hard reboot on TV you can fix the WI-FI connection problem. Follow the below instructions.

Step 1: Take your TV remote and long press on “power” button.

Step 2: Keep power button pressed until you will see TV reboots and Samsung logo appears.

Step 3: Check while rebooting the problem has fixed or not.

Reset network settings of TV:

Step 1: Open settings of TV and open general. Now open network and choose reset network settings.

Step 2: “Confirm” to reset network settings and wait till the operation is complete.

Step 3: Now ‘Power down’ your TV and wait for a while.

Step 4: Power on TV and connect TV with the network to see if the issue is solved.

Sign in Samsung account:

  • Open settings of TV and navigate to smart Hub.
  • Select your Samsung account and sign into it. If you have already sign in, then click on re-enter the credentials.
  • Then reboot your TV and check the WI-FI issues has solved or  not.


Still you are facing problem after implementing all these solution it might a software issues not a software. Sometimes users says that replacing the WI-FI has solved the issue, but rarely motherboard of TV  has to be replaced.

Why is my samsung smart tv not connecting to the internet?

Possible conditions your samsung smart tv not connecting to internet are, if you are entering wrong password or username, if your samsung has outdated firmware update, wifi has no signal or weak signal, wifi router or modem is out of range.

Samsung tv not detecting any wireless network?

if your Samsung smart tv is not detecting your wireless network then make sure that your modem or router is in close enough range and your wifi is turned on. If you still  cant see your wifi network not listed and sasmung tv is not detecting any wireless networks then wireless card is damaged, go ahead and ask samsung support or near by store and pickup new wireless card.

Samsung tv wireless card not working?

If samsung tv wireless card is not working then you can connect by using Ethernet cable and access wifi internet using ethernet. 

Why is my samsung tv not finding wifi?

Make sure your wifi router or modem is in close range and detectable. If the wireless card is damaged then it will not detect your wifi.

What to do if Wifi is not working on Samsung smart tv?

You need to reset your network settings once and see if wifi is able to connect or not. If its still not connecting to wifi then you need to try other solutions mentioned in this article.