Fix: Samsung Smart TV Slow Internet

  • ON your samsung smart tv you may face issues while streaming videos on Netflix, hotstar, HBO plus, discovery plus or youtube it keeps buffering and face slow internet connection problem or your samsung smart tv looses internet connection frequently and to get rid of it you need to restart your router or modem and other solutions explained below.

Samsung smart TV uses only home internet wifi connection to provide you with a different streaming service on your TV screen. It uses a built wifi network or wired ethernet connection. But sometimes slow internet speed are the major problem which are faced by smart TV users. So, before connecting, make sure that your router speed is minimum 10mbps because the smart TV effectively work at 10 mbps download speed for streaming.

So, here are some easy ways to fix the Samsung TV slow internet problems.

How to fix Samsung Smart tv Slow Internet Connection

Below are samsung smart tv wifi slow internet troubleshooting guide.

Test Speed

First you need to check your internet speed on your Samsung smart TV with the below steps.

Step 1: Open internet browser on your TV and type test speed in search tab. Hit on search icon for searching.

Step 2: Go for begin Test, then click on enter button on your remote then it will start testing.

Step 3: Now, perform the upload and download test.

If your network connection is slow, then contact internet service station to provide better connection.

Wireless and Wired Connection

If available internet speed is good, but TV is not accepting the signals then try connecting your TV with wired connection to wifi device. If it increase the speed then issue is solved by connecting wired internet connection.

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Range Test

If you are using wireless router for your TV and it is too distant from each other, then it may cause issue if slow internet. It shows a better performance when there is minimum distance.

  • The internet speed is strong if the distance is 30 feet from your TV and from 30 to 50 feet the network strength is good, if it is above 50 feet the signal strength is weak.
  • So, move your wifi network and smart TV to same room. Remove any obstacles between router and TV.

Update Software

If your smart TV is facing the problem with internet connection, then makesure that you are using latest updated software version because latest version is has high capability  to catch the signal.

Update your smart TV to latest version by searching. Then download and extract those download for to empty USB and remove any extra symbols and numbers that come along while downloading.

Connect USB to smart TV and press the menu button on remote. An option will appear by saying software upgrade, choose and select by USB from the list. Then clock on Ok and update it, again check the issue by connecting the wifi to see if problem is solved or not.

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