How to Install Apowermirror App on Smart tv or Android TV

  • To Install ApowerMirror app on smart tv then you need to go to google playstore and download Apowwermirror on your android smart tv.
  • Once you install apowermirror on smart tv – you need to open apowermirror app start screen mirroring your android or iPhone to your android smart tv.

You can install Apowermirror app on your smart tv easily and allows you to mirror your mobile, tablet and desktop / laptop , connect iPhone to smart tv as well by installing apk on your smart tv or download directly from android google play store (Apowermirror app for tv). Its very useful and handy. So, lets see how to install Apowermirror app on smart tv in detail below.

Once you install apowermirror app on your android smart tv then you to open apowermirror and if your smart tv doenst support or apowermirror is not available then you need to download apowermirror apk and install it and sideload apk on android smart tv.

How to Install Apowermirror App on Smart tv

Install apower mirror app on android smart tv

Install Apowermirror App from Google Play Store

On your smart tv, you can install directly from google play store. Apowermirror provides separate application for android smart tv to enjoy and stream android and iPhone screens to android smart tv.

Step 1: Go to apps section on your smart tv

Step 2: Navigate to google play store app and  search for Apowermirror for tv.

Step 3: Go ahead and click on install.

Step 4: Once installed go ahead and open Apowermirror to launch and setup on your smart tv by following on screen instructions on your android smart TV.

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Install Apowermirror app on smart tv using apk file

Step 1: Go ahead and open browser and open google.

Step 2: Search for Apowermirror apk

Step 3: Download Apowermirror apk file for tv.

Step 4: you will be prompted with message just ahead and click on OK to download apowermirror apk on your smart tv.

Step 5: Now go ahead and click on open.

Note: You can also open downloaded file from the tv folder downloaders.

Step 6: Open and click on Install and apowermirror app will be installed on your smart tv.

That’s it, this is how you install Apowermirror App on Smart tv.

Where Can I Download Apowermirror APK to install on Smart TV

You can download apk from directly from official apowermirror website and click on download and install.

Can I install apowermirror app on samart tv.

Yes! You can install apowermirror app on your smart tv by using apowermirror apk filr or you can directly download apowermirro app from google play store from your android smart tv.

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