How to Update Samsung TV software via USB?

You can update Samsung smart tv to latest firmware update (software version) directly from Samsung smart tv software update section and also you can update Samsung firmware manually by downloading latest firmware from official Samsung smart tv version.

Can I upgrade Samsung firmware software via USB?

Yes! you can download the latest firmware from Samsung website and insert the USB drive on back of your tv.

Why to Update Samsung Smart tv to Latest Software

To avoid app crashing issues and samsung tv black screen or unexpected shutdowns or any other issues on samsung tv you need to update samsung tv and get latest new features and explore new features of samsung tv.

You need to download latest Samsung system firmware software and download it on your USB cable and insert the USB cable back of your Samsung smart tv in USB cable port and upgrade Samsung tv software via USB, lets see them in detail below.

how to Update sasmung smart tv via usb

Update Samsung TV Software via USB?

Step 1: Navigate to Samsung website and select your Samsung smart tv model and download Samsung smart tv latest firmware software.

Step 2: Once it get Downloaded, extract zip folder and copy the latest firmware version to your USB or external hard drive.

Step 3: Insert the USB cable on back of your Samsung smart tv USB port slot.

Step 4: Now turn on your Samsung smart tv and press home button.

Step 5: Navigate to settings->Support -> Software update

Step 6: Click on Software update and click on Update now.

Step 7: After inserting USB cable, once you click on update now it will prompt you and ask browse files on USB flash Drive and click on Yes.

Step 8: Samsung smart tv will automatically check for software version installed on your USB flash drive and version which is installed on your Samsung smart tv.

Step 9: Samsung smart tv will automatically detects and upgrade Samsung smart tv and installed the latest version from the USB file.

Once Samsung smart tv installs the latest software it will reboot your Samsung smart tv once successfully installed.

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5) Update Samsung smart tv Using Internet

Samsung Smart tv Stuck on Updating using USB Drive?

If you are updating Samsung tv make sure you are connected to wifi internet and if your Samsung tv stuck on update then you need to wait until it finishes updating or your internet is slow and its taking too much time while updating.

Download Samsung Smart tv firmware update?

Navigate to Samsung website and select your Samsung smart tv model and check for latest firmware update and click on download to download latest Samsung firmware software.

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