How to Use sysprep Windows 10

How to Use sysprep Windows 10

Sysprep windows which is a built in system repair tool utility in windows that will allow you the windows operatings system to be tested for the established in installation environment, so if you are going to duplicate it when there is image across many different computers and this is probably the tool you are going to run for that and it also has the ability to customize it as well to get it handy when you use sysprep windows 10 utility tool in windows 10. So lets see how to use sysprep windows 10.

How to use sysprep in windows 10:

In windows 10 using sysprep a pretty straight forward utility.

Step 1: Open start menu on the left and type in file explorer (open best match file explorer App).

Step 2:  Click on ThisPC.


Step 3: Navigate to your local disk where windows in installed on (there will be a little windows icon above the hard disk). Where the windows is installed.

Step 4: Double click on that drive.

Step 5: Open windows folder and navigate to folder system 32.

Step 6: Files will be hidden so Navigate to view tab and click on options on the right side then underneath the view tab select show hidden files and folders and click apply and ok.

Step 7: Now navigate to sysprep folder and double click on it.

Step 8: Right click on Sysprep application and run as administrator.

Step 9: Sysprep will open up in a new window pop up with sysprep tool version.

Step 10: Click on generalize and click ok.

Step 11: After clicking ok you will be prompted and press ok.

Sysprep location in windows 10:

Location of sysprep in windows 10 is C:\Windows\System32\sysprep. You can also just type “sysprep” in the Run command and click “Enter.

Sysprep command?

Open command prompt and Run %WINDIR%\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe to open the System Preparation Window.

Sysprep download?

To download sysprep download windows 10 computer you can visit and follow instructins here :–generalize–a-windows-installation