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Hey what’s up guys here in this article I am going to show you how you can mirror your phone to your PC. First of all what does it mean to mirror? Well whatever you see on your phone screen whether it’s a browser whether it’s an app whether you are looking at photos or videos or even playing a game. Here to mirror the phone with PC or PC with phone we need a screen mirroring application. Letsview is one such app that allows you to mirror devices to PC. It doesn’t matter what type of phone you have it works on iphone and android and it also doesn’t matter what type of pc you have whether it’s windows or Mac whatever combination you have this still work it’s free it won’t cost you anything to use the link of this software or open the website let’s Here I used Lets View to screen mirrors. You can also use Any Desk, Team Viewer these are also the best apps for screen mirroring.

Screen Mirror Using LetsView:

1) Once you land on the website click on the download.

VD - Disabled

2) After downloading install this now install letsview on your android or iphone.

 3) Open the play store or the app store and search letsview once. You search for letsview and install on your PC and click on open. Now  that we have installed the app on both our pc and on our mobile phone.

 4) Open the software on your pc as well as on your phone and one thing to call out is you need to ensure that both your pc that you are casting to and your phone are on the same Wifi network.

5) On the mobile app there is a red button that says re-detect click on that and there you see an option pops up called letsview path let’s click on that.

6) Next I have two different options. I can either do phone screen mirroring this is where my phone screen will be mirrored over to my computer screen or I can screen mirror the PC. 

Phone screen mirroring to PC

Step 1: Let’s start out with phone screen mirroring. Once I click on phone screen mirroring I see some instructions on how I can set the mirroring up and here we are using the mirroring option that is inbuilt in iphone.

Step 2: If you are on an android phone follow the instruction that you see Screen mirroring option in your phone. Click on screen mirroring. Once I click on screen mirroring I see an option for letsview. I’m going to click on that. 

Step 3: Here are some features at the top we have a brush and you can draw anything on the phone screen I can also record my screen when I click on this record button any movements that I make on my phone are now being recorded when I click on stop it will tell me that the recording finished and I can now open a folder and it will show me my recordings.

Step 4: When I click on this, exposes a bunch of additional settings for instance I could switch my view to full screen I can also set it so the app always on top even if I click on another app my phone screen will continue to appear on the top I also have the option to take a screenshot and then I could rotate the image as well the image that appears on the screen here is not incredibly sharp I want to show you how you can adjust that if we go back to the app. 

Step 5: On our desktop you will see a settings menu , click on that.

Within the settings menu you can set all sorts of things like   whether you want the app to start on startup you can adjust the language but the one that we are interested in is the resolution now by default it’s set to 720p and this is the lowest resolution you can adjust it to the highest resolution and now it’s going to reconnect the phone to the PC.

Step 6: Now I reconnect my phone to my PC and it looks sharp. The app not only lets you mirror your phone to your pc but it also allows you to mirror the PC screen on your phone.

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Screen Mirror PC to iPhone or Android

  • Here in my phone screen I want to go with the second option now where I can show my computer screen on my phone.
  • It asked me to allow me to receive my computer screen. I am going to click on allow.
  • Now it allows me to mirror my desktop with my phone. So this is how I can control my desktop from my phone. so this is how you mirror your iphone or android with PC and your PC with android or iphone.

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