Activate call Waiting in Airtel

How to Activate call Waiting in Airtel

  • To activate call waiting in Airtel -> Tap on Dial screen ->Open settings -> select call waiting option and select your Airtel sim.

When compared with other telecom services, Airtel is one of the best service providers in India. When you are in some call, if you are getting another call at that time, activate the call waiting function to show you the incoming call. With this feature you can allow the current call or you can carry one with current one. This activate call waiting function is very important for people who always receive a lot of calls, so, with this feature they cannot miss out any important call. Whereas call waiting in airtel works well for customers. Now, at present time most smartphones have the option for enabling call waiting function in the settings itself.

Activate Call Waiting in Airtel

If you want to activate call waiting in airtel, you can go by dialing *43#. Also after activating call you can check status of call waiting enabled or not by dialing *#43#. While sometimes activating the call function does not work, if you face this situation, you need to check whether this issue is with your SIM. For this, use another sim to find it with your mobile or sim. If the issue is with your SIM you can reach airtel customer care by calling 121.

Using Mobile Settings 

Well activate call waiting function can also enabled by using mobile settings. These setting is available in android phones only. And follow the below instructions to overcome it.

Step 1: Firstly, open phone dial screen

Step 2: From the bottom of the dial pad choose the two bar

Step 3: After that tap on settings

Step 4: Now choose call waiting from settings

Step 5: Next, choose airtel SIM from the available list

Step 6: Finally, enable call waiting function

Now check whether the call waiting function is working or not by callingĀ  from another phone.

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If you want to deactivate call waiting function in mobiles with your airtel SIM, you can dial #43#.

Airtel Call Waiting Activate Code

To activate call waiting activation on airtel -> you need to type *43#.

How to Check Call Waiting Status Using Code

Dial *#43# and check call activation status on airtle.