How to Fix Galaxy Z Flip Screen Frozen, Unresponsive or Stuck

  • To fix Galaxy Z flip screen frozen, stuck and doesn’t respond to swipe or touch you need to force restart your galaxy z mobile.
  • To force restart Galaxy Z flip mobile  -> Press and hold power button and volume down button till you see galaxy logo and let go off once you see and wait for it boot.

If your galaxy z flip mobile screen is frozen or becomes unresponsive and gets stuck all of sudden and galaxy flp doesn’t respond to touch as well and does nothing, then there are easy ways to fix these issues. Lets see in detail below. Galaxy z flip 3 screen frozen or stuck is a common issue and most of the users face this issue.

Fix Galaxy Flip Screen Frozen, unresponsive or Stuck

Below methods help you get rid of samsung galaxy mobile frozen screen, stuck or doesn’t respond to touch.

Force Restart Galaxy Z Flip Mobile

Step 1: Press and hold both volume down and power button and don’t let go until you see samsung galaxy logo.

Step 2: Once you see samsung logo, release both keys and wait for samsung galaxy z flip mobile to restart.

Once you restart your galaxy z flip phone you will not be facing any issue of screen frozen or unresponsive or galaxy flip mobile gets stuck.

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Update Software on Galaxy Z flip

Step 1: Open settings app ong galaxy flip 3.

Step 2: Scroll down tap on software update and check for any software update is pending.

Step 3: if update is available -> go ahead and tap on download and install and wait for samsung galaxy z flip to update software.

Remove Unwanted Applications

Go ahead and check with the apps which are running in background and taking too much ram and uninstall apps from your galaxy z flip mobile and also uninstall apps which are downloaded from third party apps.

Why Galaxy Z Flip Screen Freezes or Stuck

This can be due to any software issue and you need to update it to the latest version or this can also be due to running out of storage space or it can be due to any third party app installed which is taking too much space in background which makes galaxy z flip 3 mobile unresponsive or screen gets frozen or hangs.

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