How to Fix Galaxy Watch 4 Frozen Screen


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  • To fix galaxy watch 4 frozen screen issue you need to press and hold both side buttons until you see the galaxy logo and release buttons.
  • Uninstall unwanted apps from galaxy watch 4 and update your galaxy watch 4 to the latest version.

If your Galaxy watch 4 is frozen all of sudden and doesn’t respond to touch or responding slow or galaxy watch 4 lagging issue and becomes unresponsive then you need to restart your galaxy watch 4 and other below solutions to fix galaxy watch 4 frozen or unresponsive issue with easy fixes.

Fix Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Frozen issue

Follow below methods to fix galaxy watch unresponsive or frozen, stuck

Press and Hold both Buttons on Side of Galaxy Watch 4

Step 1: Press and hold both side buttons and don’t let go until you see the Samsung logo on your Galaxy Watch 4.

Step 2: Once you let go of the button (both buttons) and wait for your galaxy watch 4 to turn on.

That’s it, once you turn on you will not be facing any issue with samsung galaxy Watch 4 frozen, unresponsive or stuck and issue will be fixed successfully.

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Why Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Frozen Screen

The main reason for galaxy watch 4 screen frozen is due to outdated software and it is always recommended to keep your watch 4 updated to latest version or if you have installed any third party apps.

How to Update Galaxy Watch 4

Step 1: On your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 -> Tap on Home button -> Settings -> General

Step 2: Now, tap on Update Watch Software.

Step 3: If prompted with any dialogue accept it.

Step 4: If galaxy smartwatch update available then go ahead and tap on download

Step 5: Wait for the download and install a new version.

That’s it  this is how you update galaxy watch 4 and once updated to latest version you will not face any issue like your galaxy watch is frozen, unresponsive, blank screen or any other issue.

Uninstall Unwanted Third Party Apps From Galaxy Watch 4

Step 1: Tap on home screen on your galaxy watch 4.

Step 2: Tap on open apps

Step 3: Select the app that you want to uninstall and delete unwanted or third party apps.

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