How to Connect iPad to Smart TV

  • You can easily connect iPad to Smart tv using your android mobile screen cast option or by using chromecast or any other mirroring apps available on Playstore.
  • if you are using apple tv then you need to turn on airplay and connect iPad to apple tv using airplay.

The iPad is the best way to overcome the cable world. When it comes to our tv, how we can watch the contents from the iPad to a wide screen. So, hardware some solutions to connect your iPad to your smart tv without wire connection or with wire connection. Also you can connect your headset to your tv for any private viewing.

By Using Chromecast 

Whenever, if you not interested to go in Apple tv route, and you want to connect iPad to your tv with wireless connection, for this chrome cast is best alternative solution. If you once setup the process, it is easy to use the iPad to configure the Chromecast. Once you are done with it, you can cast the iPad screen to your smart tv, chrome cast is cheaper than Apple tv. If you have an android device and an iPad, you can easily chrome cast with it.

Using Airplay

One of the easiest and best way to connect your iPad with smart tv is airplay. Because it is wireless connection. With this you can easily enjoy your games, streaming videos, because wire connection to tv is limited. You can also enjoy Hulu plus, Netflix and other apps on Apple tv. You can also enjoy HD video content by using airplay.

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Using VGA adapter 

Another alternative way for connection iPad with smart tv is VGA adapter. Which is excellent in monitoring. It also supports display mirroring mode. But it does not supports speakers, so we can listen it via external speakers or through inbuilt speakers. Whenever if you want to use iPad for large presentations by using projectors, then VGA adapter is the best option.


Apple lightning digital AV adapter is another alternative and best way to connect an iPad to HDTV. While it works through HDMI cable for sending iPad screen to tv. It also allow you to connect a USB cable to your iPad, when you concerned about your battery life. By using home sharing feature, you can also stream unlimited movies from Pc via iPad to an HDTV.  You can also watch movies in big screen which switches from DVD and blue ray to digital video without any loss.

So, these are some solutions with which you ac  connect iPad to smart tv. And also you can experience the quality of picture without any disturbances.

Rajeshwari Chiluveru
Rajeshwari Chiluveru
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