Sony TV Chromecast Not Working

Sony TV Chromecast Not Working

Chromecast is popular for entertainment in the home system and they allow you to stream content from Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus hotstar etc. When everything is working correctly. Sometimes it may not properly and get frustrating.

Check your Internet or WIFI Connection

By doing power cycle of your router then it will eliminate all potential issuse. Simply unplug your router for few minutes and plug it back. Once your router restarted, then try your connection again.

Another reason for poor connectivity, is location of chromecast behind your TV because the device is hidden away and not receiving enough wifi to stream your favorite shows. If your network connection good and not facing any issues, try connecting HDMI extender include in box and physically separating from your TV.

If you have a chromecast ultra, then you have the other option of connecting as ethernet cable or power brick.

Restart Chromecast Device

If chromecast not working, then restart it first and it is the basic thing. Unplug it wait for few seconds and plug it back. Then give few minutes to start up, then again try casting your device.

Reboot Your Computer or Smartphone

Many problems will solve with simple reboot. If you cast any videos etc from your tablet, phone or computer and a quick reboot is just like what the doctor ordered.

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Update Chromecast

If you cast from your computer then there is possible of  availability of new version and this may cause your chromecast stop working. Follow the below steps to check on pc or mac.

  • First, open chrome on your computer.
  • Click on the more icon which is at top right and tap on update google chrome(if any update button is not appear means your are in the latest version).
  • Finally, click on the relaunch.

Factory Reset on Your Computer

Al the methods are fails and still chromecast is not working, then preform factory reset and one important thing is you won’t loose any data but you need to setup your chromecast again.

  • Without unplugging chromecast, hold the button on back of the device at least for 25-30 seconds. Then your TV will go blank and reset process will begin.
  • Once it finish, you can start the setup process again. It will rule out any device related issuse and the process is easy on phones, chrome books or window.

Chromecast is turning off or blanking out

If your chromecast turning off and blacking out periodically or restarting frequently, then the issuse is probably related to power supply.

  • Chromecast are powered with USB cable in box located next to HDMI port and it seem like a cable saving measure to plug the USB cable into your TV and this may cause power issues.
  • Due to this chromecast stop working. When you turn off TV then it cuts power from USB port causing it to reboot every time you turn off your TV.
  • Unplug your chromecast USB cable from your TV and plug it back into the wall charger supplied. If you dont have the wall charger then try older phone charger or even buy a third party charger.
  • And you can upgrade to latest Chromecast, which comes in support with a remote and app support.