Delete Browsing History on iPhone and Clear Cookies

Delete Browsing History on iPhone and Clear Cookies:

On your iPhone if you want to delete browsing history to and get rid of previously viewed history or any site which you search for on google or YouTube videos on your iPhone, then you can easily delete it by following simple steps below to Delete Browsing History on iPhone.

Delete browsing history on iPhone:

Step 1: Open settings

Step 2: Scroll down and select safari

Step 3: Scroll down and select clear history and website data.

Step 4: Select clear history and website data and it will prompt your for confirmation for clearing history and data.

Note: This will delete all your history of browsing data and clear all data and also deletes the cookies which are used by website to show ads on your iPhone. (this will Delete Browsing History on iPhone)

Step 5: After selecting clear history and browsing data it will be deleted from your iPhone.

That’s it, this is how you delete browsing history, cookies, etc from your iPhone.

Delete or Clear cookies on iPhone:

To clear your cookies follow below steps:

Step 1: Open settings

Step 2: click on safari

Step 3: Click on Advanced

Step 4: Select website data and then tap on Remove All website data.

That’s it this is how you remove or clear cookies on iPhone.

Why to delete browsing history on iPhone?

Some times due to lack of cookies and history information stored on your safari browser, your iPhone will consume a little bit of battery as well and lagging in iPhone performance as well when you browse on your iPhone.

Secondly website which you browse on your iPhone use cookies as well to show ads on your iPhone which are some what irrelevant as well after some time you don’t wish to see information about such ads.

Can I block storing cookies or content history on iPhone?

Yes ! You can do that by enable privacy which will not create a search history in safari and private browsing protects your information and blocks websites as well from tracking your search.

Step 1: Open safari on your iPhone

Step 2: Tap New page icon

Step 3: Tap Private and then done.

That’s its now private browsing is on and what ever your browse will not be tracked without creating any search history or collecting cookies from websites.

How to clear cookies from iPhone?

Open settings->Safari->Advanced->Website data->tap on remove all website data.

How to delete browsing history on iPhone?

Open settings->Safari-> clear history and website data.