Fix Safari Videos Black Screen on iPhone iOS 15 or 16

How to Fix Safari Videos Black Screen on iPhone iOS 15 or 16

  • To fix safari videos black screen on iPhone on iOS 15 or 16 -> Force close all apps and restart your iPhone and turn off experimental features on your iPhone.
  • Turn off GPU Process media and clear safari browser history and clear website data and update iPhone and safari browser to latest version to fix safari video black screen issue on iPhone iOS 15 or 16.

On your safari browser when you are trying to play videos on your iPhone or iPad and videos are not playing on safari or on iOS 15 or 16 safari videos are black screen and doesn’t play video and videos stays black, then you can easily fix this issue of video black screen on safari browser easily by just following these simple methods. So, lets see in detail below.

Many users reported this issue of safari black videos when playing and few of them and updating your iPhone to new iOS version will fix the issue and you need to disable experimental features GPU features and update safari and iPhone to latest version. 

Fix Safari videos black screen on iphone ios 15 or 16 

Below iphone iOS 15, 16 troubleshooting methods will help you fix safari video black screen on iPhone or iPad.

Force Close apps and Restart your iPhone

You need for close all apps running in background and then force restart your iPhone and then check the issue of safari browser playing black videos or not playing videos on safari browser is resolved or not. Sometime, due to minor software or technical glitches this issue can happen and by just restarting this issue can be fixed easily.

Turn off GPU Process Media

Step 1: Launch settings on iPhone

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Safari

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on Advanced 

Step 4: Now, tap on Experimental Features

Step 5: Scroll down and turn off GPU process media

Once you turn off gpu process media then go ahead and check with your safari browser and play video and your video playing blacko on safari browser issue will be fixed successfully and due to GPU process media enabled you will see black screen on safari when playing video.

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Clear Safari History and Website Data 

Step 1: Open Settings -> Tap on Safari

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Clear History and Data and Confirm in Pop up box.

Now, wait for your iPhone to clear history and website data of your safari browser and check whether your issue of safari video black screen issue is resolved or not.

Update Safari Browser

Step 1: Open app store on your iPhone

Step 2: Search for safari browser and then check whether an update is available

Step 3: if any update is available then go ahead and update safari browser.

If you are running older version of safari browser, then you can experience this issue of safari browser black videos or websites loading slow or safari browser crashing issues.

Disable Ad Blocker

If you are using ad blocker then this may cause the issue and videos not to play and show as blank or black screen as the ad blocker blocks the video and in this case you need to disable ad blocker and check with safari videos are playing properly or not.

Update your iPhone

Its always recommended to update your iphone to latest version and if you are running outdated software then you will experience this kind of issues.

Step 1: Open settings -> general -> Software update

Step 2: Check for software update and if any new version of iOS is available then update it.

Reset All Setting

If none of the above solution works then you need to reset all settings and restore all settings to its default original settings and fix the issue of safari black screen playing video or any other issue with safari browser.

iPhone video black screen with sound iOS 15

If you have enabled experimental features GPU and HDR Media Capabilities and clear safari website data and history will fix this issue.


Why are videos blank on Safari?

This can be due to outdated drivers and if you have any pending updates and if any experimental features are enables on iPhone iOS 15 or 16.

How do I fix Safari video not playing on iPhone?

Delete Safari browsing and history and clear website data and update safari and iphone to the latest version.