How to Fix Can’t Record Video on Instagram Story on iPhone

  • To fix cant record videos on Instagram story on iPhone -> You need to update your Instagram to latest version from app store.
  • Use hands free features on Instagram and try to record video and if this doesn’t help then go ahead and uninstall and reinstall Instagram on your iPhone to fix cant record video on Instagram story on iPhone.

On your instagram when you try to record video for instagram story and iPhone Can’t Record Video on Instagram Story then you can fix this issue easily by just following these simple steps. So, let’s see in detail below.

Recording video on instagram and posting it on instagram is pretty easy and sometimes you may experience these technical or software bug issues which wont let your record instagram on instagram story or reel and or required feed back to login error on instagram or instagram privacy check error, cant login to instagram error with correct password and username or cant login using facebook and any other instagram errors.

Can’t Record Video on Instagram Story on iPhone

Below troubleshooting methods will help you fix and get back your recording videos working on your instagram story.

Update Instagram App on iPhone

Step 1: Launch app store on your iPhone

Step 2: Search for instagram app

Step 3: Tap on Update and wait for your iPhone to download and install the latest version of instagram on your iPhone.

That’s it, once you update your instagram to the latest version then your issue of can’t record video on instagram story on iPhone will be fixed successfully and you can go back to instagram app and record videos on instagram story.

Use Hands on Feature

If you are unable to record video by holding the button and record instargram video on story or reel then use hands on feature and record vidoe on instagram.

Step 1: Launch instagram app.

Step 2: Tap on story on top left screen.

Step 3: On left side of instagram screen -> tap on down arrow 

Step 4: Now, tap on hands free option

Step 5: Tap on the Record Button.

That;s it, once you tap on record button you will be able to create and record videos on instagram stroy or posts or reels.

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Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram App

Step 1: Long press instagram app on your iPhone

Step 2: Tap on Remove app in pop up menu

Step 3: Now, tap on delete app and confirm delete Instagram app in pop up box and wait for your iPhone to uninstall instagram from your iPhone.

Install Instagram App

Step 4: Now, go to app store and search for instagram app

Step 5: Tap on Instagram and click on Get button and install instagram app

Step 6: Now, login to your instagram account using your login details and then go ahead and try to record video on instagram story.

Now, you will be able to record video on instagram story without any issue and post it on your instagram account.

Why Cant I Record Videos on Instagram Stories

This can be due to software or technical issue or it can also be necessary permissions to record video on instagram stories are not allowed and this can be due to network issues as well.

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