Instagram Can’t Login with Facebook try Logging in With your Password

Now a days everyone is active in social media especially In instagram, Facebook etc., these become more popular in present digital world and increased the browsing internet. So, due to this network became slower, getting closer and offering more integration. Very Recently we have gone through a issue is Instagram login error or not opening or server down. When Facebook has brought instagram these two networks became slow, when it comes to marketing it is all about efficiency and well working of the apps without any errors.

Instagram Can’t Login with Facebook try Logging in With your Password

Below troubleshooting methods will help you fix Instagram login errors

Types of instagram login errors

  • Can’t sign into your account.
  • Instagram username not found.
  • Can’t connect to instagram and makesure you are connected to internet & try again.
  • Sorry there is problem with your request.
  • Username you entered doesn’t belong to your account. Check username and try again.
  • Incorrect password.

Fixes to Instagram that wont let you login:

Reset the Password

Before Reset the password, double check whether the password and username are entered correctly. If details are filled automatically then try deleting and reconfigure them. If nothing is working, then try to reset the password.

Step 1: Click on get “help signing in”.

Step 2: Then enter proposed information and select a way to receive the link to reset the password.

Update Instagram app:

Usually errors are caused if app runs on outdated version which means you need to update and that is more effective. If any update is available you should simply update it through playstore.

If you don’t see any notification to update instagram, then uninstall it so you can install it a fresh which may fix any potential errors.

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Login instagram with password:

If you want to login instagram with password but you have forget password then you have to reset, these you can do on your mobile app.

Step 1: open Instagram app, there you can see login screen under username and password Tap on forgot password.

Step 2: Enter your email address, phone number or username and click on next.

Step 3: Now you will get a message with the instructions to reset your password.

Change instagram password:

Step 1: On instagram account, click on account icon in lower right corner and go to profile.

Step 2: There you can see a three horizontal lines at top right of the screen and click on settings.

Step 3: In settings, click on security and from that Tap on password.

Step 4: Enter your present password, type new password that you want to set. If you done, click on save option

Login instagram with Facebook:

Now, just open Instagram on your phone and login with Facebook if you have already login then it will automatically login, if not login with your Facebook when prompted and select blue login button. In order to edit default Instagram login details then perform below steps.

Step 1: Login instagram using Facebook and choose your profile icon at bottom right and edit profile.

Step 2: Choose your username and change it to something more personal. Then go back to profile screen, click on three lines at upper right.

Step 3: Hit on Account then select personal information and check email address to ensure it correct.

Step 4: Go back  to settings menu and choose security. Select the password from the lost to reset.

Step 5: We can see a notification that we sent to email address with a link to reset your password.

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