How to Turn on HDMI CEC Firestick

How to Turn on HDMI CEC Firestick

  • To turn on hdmi cec on amazon fire tv stick -> Go to settings -> Display and Audio -> Select HDMI CEC controls and turn it ON and OFF from here.

On your fire tv stick if you want to turn off or turn on hdmi cec device control then you can turn it on which helps to send a signal over hdmi that powers on your TV and AVR when woken from sleep or when the home button is pressed on your amazon fire tv stick remote. So, lets see in detail below.

How to Turn on HDMI CEC Firestick

Step 1: Grab your Amazon fire tv stick remote and Press on Home button.

Step 2: Now you need to highlight the gear icon (settings icon) and press down button.

Step 3: In here, Highlight Display and Sounds and press ok.

Step 4: Now, scroll down and Highlight HDMI CEC Control and you can see here it is turned off or turned on.

Step 5: To turn on hdmi cec controls -> Just press ok by highlighting it and it will turn on.

Step 6: To turn it Off -> Highlight HDMI CEC control and press ok.

That;s it, this is how you turn on and turn off hdmi cec controls on fire tv stick.

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What is the use of HDMI CEC on firestick 

When you turn on hdmi cec it helps amazon fire tv stick max to send signals over hdmi and control your tv and depending up on your tv model which includes additional CEC capabilities like allowing your tv remote to control amazon fire tv stick.

Does fire tv stick have hdmi cec controls?

Yes ! it does have these control and select which hdmi port and depending upon your model 

Turn on HDMI CEC on Amazon fire stick without Using Remote?

Yes! You can turn on hdmi cec on amazon fire tv stick without using remote as well. You need to have amazon fire tv stick remote app installed and to turn it on navigate to settings -> display and audio -> turn it on hdmi cec from here.