fix Roku tv hdmi Not working

How to fix Roku tv HDMI No Signal

  • To fix roku tv no signal issue you need to remove hdmi cable and insert them back in hdmi cable again.
  • Power reset and soft reset and change hdmi cables and change hdmi ports and other solutions explained below.

On your Roku tv when you select the correct source of hdmi port and still getting no signal or roku tv not getting any signal then unplug and plug back hdmi and other methods to resolve roku tv no signal issue.

How to fix Roku tv No Signal

Follow Below troubleshooting methods for roku tv no signal issue

Remove HDMI Cables and Plug them Again

Step 1: On back of your roku tv -> locate hdmi cables connected to hdmi ports first

Step 2: Now, remove the hdmi cable and insert them properly to make sure that hdmi cables are not inserted loosely, plug them tightly.

Step 3: Once you plug them back -> turn on your roku tv and select hdmi port source on your roku tv and see roku tv no signal issue will be fixed.

Soft Reset Roku tv

Step 1: Unplug power cable from wall socket and before performing make sure your roku tv is turned on.

Step 2: Wait for 30 seconds.

Step 3: After 30 seconds plug back removed power cable to the wall socket.

Now, turn on your roku tv and check if the roku tv signal is working or not, most probable your issue will be fixed successfully.

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Power Reset Roku TV 

On the back of your tv you will see a power button -> go ahead and press and hold the power button for 30 seconds and after 30 seconds release the power button and turn on your roku tv. Once roku tv restarts your problem will be fixed and you will not get roku tv no signal issue.

Select Correct HDMI Port

Step 1: On your back of roku tv -> check on which hdmi port your hdmi cable is plugged in.

Step 2: Once your see hdmi cable is inserted on hdmi cable 1 or 2 or hdmi 3 -> go ahead and select the correct hdmi port source using your remote.

Change HDMI Port

Step 1: if your roku tv hdmi cable is plugged in to hdmi port 2, then unplug it and plug hdmi cable in hdmi port 3.

Step 2: Once you change the hdmi port 3 then go ahead and select hdmi 3 power source using your remote.

Once you change hdmi port cable still not working then try changing cable from hdmi 3 to hdmi 1.

Replace HDMI Cable

Sometimes the main culprit will be hdmi cable itself, so remove hdmi cable and try with another hdmi cable and see, if its working properly and your are getting signal when you change hdmi cable, then go ahead and buy a new hdmi cable and your hdmi no signal issue will be resolved.

Update Your Roku TV

If you are running outdated software then you may face these roku tv no signal issues, so always check for updates and update your roku tv to the latest software version.