Turn ON HDMI arc cec ON insignia Smart Fire tv

How to Turn ON HDMI arc cec ON insignia Smart Fire tv

  • To turn on hdmi cec on insignia -> navigate to settings -> Display and sounds -> HDMI cec controls -> Click on ARC/eArc to turn on hdmi cec on insignia tv

On your insignia smart or insignia fire tv and looking to turn on hdmi arc cec on your tv and wondering how to use hdmi arc cec and how to connect and turn it on then this is pretty simple and straightforward and turn on or enable ce on insignia tv and by navigating to hdmi cec device control you can turn hdmi arc/eARC and use your hdmi cable connection to send audio from your tv to your soundbar or AV receiver. So, let’s see in detail below.

Turn on Hdmi arc cec on insignia Fire tv

By following below steps you can easily turn on hdmi arc cec on insgignai fire tv or insignia smart tv models.

Step 1: Turn on your insignia fire tv or smart tv -> and press the home button.

Step 2: By pressing the right arrow -> highlight gear icon (settings) and go down.

Step 3: Highlight display and settings option and click on ok.

Step 4: Now go down to option (on bottom) -> HDMI-CEC device control option and press ok.

Step 5: Now, select ARC/eArc and press ok to turn off and turn on hdmi arc cec on insignia smart fire tv.

That’s it, this is how you turn on hdmi arc cec on Insignia smart tv / fire tv.

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How to Turn on Hdmi cec on insignia tv?

Go to Settings -> Highlight Display and Sounds -> Select HDMI-CEC Device Control and Select Arc/eArc and turn on and turn off cec on insignia tv.

Does insignia tv have hdmi cec?

Yes! Insignia tv has hdmi cec by default and it is by default enabled to control connected devices and control and expand devices connected with hdmi cables  with your insignia smart tv.