How to Connect and Link Instagram Account To Facebook Page


If you are having facebook account and instagram account for your business facebook page or individual then you can link facebook and instagram and you need to link both facebook and instagram account to facebook page to get advantage of having ads, or posting on facebook and sharing it on instagram and other features as well. So, let’s see in detail below.

Link Instagram Account To Facebook Page

Make sure that you have both facebook app and instagram app downloaded and logged in with your user account details – the account that has facebook page.

Follow Below steps to link instagram accounts to facebook pages easily.

Step 1: Open an instagram account on mobile.

Step 2: Click on profile icon on bottom right corner (bottom menu) which takes you to profile page.

Step 3: Click on 3 horizontal menu on left side.

Step 4: Tap on Settings

Step 5: Scroll down and find link accounts

Step 6: Tap on Facebook and if you have already logged in to facebook page then it will ask to link and tap on it and it will automatically link instagram account to facebook page.

Step 7: To link a facebook page -> tap on linked facebook profile here

Step 8: Tap on Next to Share where it says facebook profile

Step 9: Select the facebook page that you want to it with your instagram account.

That;s it, this is how you link instagram account to facebook page easily by going to instagram settings and link facebook page and everytime you share something on instagram then it will be shared with facebook page.

You need to login to instagram account and facebook account and go to link account settings and tap on facebook and link your facebook profile first and then link facebook page on instagram on iPhone and android.

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