How to Login to Facebook Account Without Password

How to Login to Facebook Account Without Password

  • You can login to facebook without using password using 6 digit security code or any authenticator app

Facebook was launched in  2016 and it was useful to people who want to connect with other people throughout the world. This app is available to everyone who are above 13 years and have a valid email id. Sometimes you may forget your password due to various reasons and you can access facebook on your smart tv as well and watch watchparties as well and sometimes you get login errors as well when you are trying to login to facebook. So, here in this article we are mentioning some tips to Login to Facebook account without password.

New Features of Facebook

1) With this you can send private emails and message to your family and friends

2) In this you can upload your photos to Facebook page and sort into albums

3) In this your family and friends can comment on photos and posts 

4) Also you can sell and buy items on Facebook

5) And you can play games on your interest 

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Login to Facebook without password

Step 1: First go to Facebook homepage 

Step 2: Next under login box, you can see a link related forgot password

Step 3: Now click on that 

Step 4: Then a pop will appear . It display find your account

Step 5: You can retrieve you’re information either by email or phone number 

Step 6: After  a information related to forgot password is sent to your mail

Step 7: Next, Facebook will send you the six-digit recovery code to your account

Step 8: After that you need to enter the code in the box

Step 9: Next, enter your new password and tap on Ok