Best Plex Plugins 2024

To play and manage extensive tv shows, music and libraries of movies, plex is one of the best alternative for user interface. Along with streaming downloaded content from digital media player, also you can expand the functionality and enjoy your favourite content from online sources.

Well, there are several hundred of third party plugins for plex, but only some of them are worthy, so here we are providing the list of best plex plugins in 2021.

Best Plex Plugins 2021

Cigaras IPtv

Well, many tv networks showing their contents through IPTv. While cigaras IPTv give access to your favourite content based on VPN, you need to unlock them. Also if you want to add contents, streaming URL or MBU playlists it can done via a google search. It supports on-screen program channel categories and custom channel logos.

Sub zero 

By using plex we can manage subtitles in our native, along with this their are few limitations. For beginners, it only give access to few subtitles libraries. And it only load subtitles foot existing content. It will also scan eight repositories and also search for missing subtitles. It also has colors, timeoffset and making more features.

Web tools

Web tools is one of the most widely used plugins. It supports the unofficial plex channels and unsupported app store which offers access to a host user generated contents. Also it supports subtitle management and playlist management module. Along with this you can also scan missing or unmatched media.

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It is most important plex plugins add-on for users those who want to share their library with others. It also provide information related to who watched the videos. It is a best notification tool which enables you to use custom script that modify the functionality. You can restrict users for streaming on your local network.

Plex export

Plex export is one of the best add-on for viewing your plex library without getting access from others. We can create an interface HYML page for someone to browse. With this our contents are displayed by section wise, with a number of filters as well. This feature make users know the available contents and quick access to them.

Theatre trailer

Some users want to recreate their server look like theatre experience at home, for this theatre trailers plays a significant role. With this you can watch trailers and upcoming movies which to be released. It will automatically plays and adds the latest movies trailers before your video begins. It will remove quickly when the movie released to the general audience.


It is one of the best plex plugins used to pull videos from our favourite shows on streaming sites and adds it to your plex library. It also works with RSS feeds-means your preferred contents are made available early as they show up on it.

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