What Are WordPress Plugins and Default WordPress Plugins

WordPress is by far most popular used content management system. About large number of percentage of websites are developed in WordPress and with the functionality of WordPress plugins in WordPress using these plugins makes everything easy and almost all required plugins in WordPress are already developed by WordPress plugin developers with ease and are available in WordPress plugin directory section ready to use and its definitely a platform or technology of getting into for your own sites for your client sites etc.

What are WordPress Plugins

Plugins are basically piece of functionality like powers that can be created in a modular way so that there it’s easy to distribute easy to install and uninstall and extend your WordPress experience by using or building your own plugin.

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Plugins are the ways to extend and add to the functionality that already exists in WordPress and the core of WordPress is designed to be a lightweight to maximize the steadiness and flexibility to minimize the coding in WordPress.

Plugin offers custom features and functions in WordPress so that every user can tweak the code as per their requirements and needs.

The main advantage of WordPress plugin is they can modify WordPress core code.

You can access WordPress core functionality by using an API without altering the code of WordPress and it allows you to distribute them so different people can install them and access the current version of WordPress installed.

Are WordPress Press Plugin for Free?

Yes, WordPress plugin are almost with a vast number of plugins are developed for free with almost not basic functionality is provided by WordPress plugin developers and to reach your requirements few of the WordPress plugins also have paid version as well.

Few of the WordPress plugins cost money and to use the WordPress plugin full functionality you have to go to paid version. Free version of WordPress plugin you can find here https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/free/.

WordPress Plugins by Default

By default, WordPress provides default plugins and they are:

1. Akismet

2. Hello Dolly

Aksimet Plugin

Aksimet plugin is for WordPress comment section and Aksimet plugin does is checks your comment against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. Through Akismet plugin user can manage and review the comments and by default it automatically deletes old spam after 15 days.

Hello Dolly WordPress Plugin

This hello dolly WordPress plugin is the first official plugin created and when you enable you will randomly see a lyric from Hello Dolly in the upper right of your Administration section on each and every page.

WordPress Plugin Repositories

WordPress plugin have several repositories and sources, WordPress developers create lot of plugin with ease of code plugin in WordPress can be created and the official source of WordPress plugin is the WordPress .org repo. https://wordpress.org/plugins/

Just visit the WordPress .org website and in search bar search your website plugin with the type of functionality you are seeking.

There are plenty of resources for WordPress developers and beginners to learn and how create a plugin and for the development of WordPress plugin tutorials.

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