Wordpress Remove Uncategorized From URL

WordPress Remove Uncategorized From URL

WordPress Remove Uncategorized From URL:

WordPress by default comes with one category after wordpress installation which is uncategorized and i will show you how to delete or remove wordpress uncategorized from your wordpress installation.

Go to Posts -> All categories and you will see all the categories here in this section. Uncategorized category will be listed here. If you try to delete there, infact you cannot see no delete option provided by wordpress after the installation.

Why WordPress Uncategorized category cannot be deleted:

By default with wordpress installation you cannot see delete option because it is set as default category by wordpress. So every post you create without creating a category will be set to default as uncategorized in wordpress.

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How to Remove Uncategorized Category From WordPress:

In wordpress to Remove uncategorized category from wordpress first you need to change the default category of wordpress as uncategorized to some other category. To change this first create a category in your wordpress by going to -> Posts -> Category and create a category. After creating a category you can see the new category created by you in all categories list along with uncategorized but you can see there will be no delete option.

How to Change Default Remove Uncategorized category to Another Category:

To change the default uncategorized category to another first you need to go to setting page in wordpress.

Go to Settings -> Go to Writing URLs

In writing URLS tab you can see Default Post Category set as Uncategorized.

Go Ahead and set default post category -> select the drop down -> set your new category as default.

Click save changes.

Now, the default category which comes with the wordpress installation uncategorized is changed and now default category will be some other category which is created by you.

Now, return to the post -> Categories section and now you can check the uncategorized category and you can delete uncategorized category because now it is not the default category of wordpress so it can be deleted from your all category list.

Default Category of WordPress Can be Deleted:

No, Default category of wordpress cannot be deleted in wordpress. If you want to remove uncategorized category just select the default category as some other category and delete the uncategorized category from wordpress.


By default wordpress comes with uncategorized category and wordpress does not allow to delete the default category. So to remove uncategorized from wordpress category then you need to create a new category and select the new category as default and delete the uncategorized category.