How to Increase Microphone Volume in Windows 11


  • To increase microphone volume in windows 11 -> Open Settings -> click on System -> Select Sound -> Select input section and select microphone and increase the volume slider to max to increase.
  • To decrease microphone volume -> you need to go to microphone settings and decreased the microphone volume slider and it will reduce microphone volume on windows 11.

On your windows 11 computer if you want to increase microphone volume  then its pretty easy and straightforward and you can also increase volume speakers of windows 11 also and sometimes you may experience issue with volume on windows 11 like volume icon missing from taskbar or any other volume issues on windows 11 computer. So, let’s see in detail below.

Increasing and decreasing microphone volume is pretty easy and if you want you can change input volume to speaker as well and change volume on speaker and also change volume on microphone as well and test microphone volume in windows 11 computer.

Increase Microphone Volume in Windows 11

Below windows 11 guide will help you increase microphone volume easily.

Step 1: Right click on Start button and Click on Settings.

Step 2:  Click on System on left side menu.

Step 3: On right slide -> Scroll down and click on Sound Option.

Step 4: Scroll down and select input section.

Step 5: Click on Microphone -> Under Input settings -> Drag the slider to maximum level to increase microphone volume in windows 11 computer.

That;s it, this is how you increase microphone volume in windows 11 computer and if you want you can click on start test and check increased microphone volume as well.

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Decrease Microphone Volume in Windows 11

To Decrease microphone volume in windows 11 computer -> You need to go to settings and then Go to Sound option and select input section and select your microphone from here and drag the volume slider to left and decrease microphone volume on windows 11 computer.


Windows 11 microphone low volume

If your windows 11 microphone volume is low then you need to increase your microphone volume in sound settings and microphone volume will increase.

Why is my mic so quiet all of a sudden?

If your mic volume is low so quiet then increase microphone volume from sound settings and test sound and increase the microphone volume to max to get high microphone volume.

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