Fix HP Laptop No Sound From Speakers or Headphones

How to Fix HP Laptop No Sound From Speakers or Headphones

  • To fix HP laptop no sound from speaker or headphones then you need to update your sound driver on your HP laptop and uninstall and reinstall sound drivers.
  • Try changing speaker settings and run sound or audio troubleshooting on your windows hp laptop.

On your HP laptop if you are getting no sound from speaker or headphones or pavilion x360 sound not working or it can be HP laptop speakers not working but headphones or windows 10 not detecting headphones when Plugged in or audio services not responding do then you can fix this issue of hp laptop no sound issues easily. So, let’s see in detail below.

Most of the time due to sound drivers and other issues your sound will not working on your HP laptop and you can get sound back on my HP laptop easily or it can be an issue with external microphone being recognize .

Cheek External Speakers and Volume Mute Button

First things you need to check if your HP laptop sound not working is check whether your sound and external speaker sound is turned on and the volume is not muted.

HP laptop no sound from speakers or headphones

Below HP laptop troubleshooting guides will help you get back your sound back on HP laptops or hp pavilions or other hp laptops.

Step 1: Click on windows search and type in troubleshoot and open troubleshoot settings.

Step 2: On the right side -> underneath Options click on Other Troubleshooters.

Step 3: Under Most Frequent -> Select the Playing audio and click on RUN to run the sound troubleshooter.

Once you run the audio and sound troubleshooter your windows 11 or 10 computer will detect the possible issues and will fix issues with sound not working on your hp laptop and your issue of hp laptop no sound will be resolved.

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Change Speakers Settings

Step 1: Type control panel in windows search and open control panel

Step 2: Now, select view by to large icons and click on sound

Step 3: Under Playback -> Select the speaker which is set and right click on it and select test and check if you are able to hear anything playing sounds on your hp laptop.

Step 4: Now, select properties on speaker settings

Step 5: Select the Advanced Tab

Step 6: Underneath Exclusive Mode -> Check both the boxes here.

Step 7: Click on the Levels tab and make sure that they are turned up.

Step 8: Select apply and ok in speaker settings and then go ahead and check whether your sound on hp laptop is working or not.

Once you change these settings on your hp laptop your issue of hp laptop no sound but connected speakers does play sound and no sound from internal speakers on hp laptop or any other sound / audio issue will be resolved..

Update Sound Drivers

Step 1: Click on file explorer on your windows taskbar.

Step 2: Right click on THIS PC and Select Manage

Step 3: Click on device Manager on left side pane

Step 4: On right side -> Double click on Sound video and Game Controllers and expand

Step 5: Select your sound drivers (realtek High Definition Audio) or other sound drivers and click on Right click on it and click on Update Drivers.

Step 6: Select Search automatically for updated driver and software and wait for your hp laptop to update your sound and audio drivers.

Uninstall and Reinstall Sound Drivers

You need to uninstall and reinstall sound drivers and restart your windows computer,

Step 1: Open device manager -> Expand Sound drivers section

Step 2: Right click on your sound drivers and click on uninstall drivers.

Step 3: Now, go ahead and restart your windows computer and wait for your hp laptop to automatically install the best drivers for your hp laptop.

Once you restart and your hp laptop reboots then your issue of HP laptop no sound from speakers or any hp laptop sound issue will be resolved.