How to Fix Windows 11 Not Detecting Headphone When Plugged in


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  • To fix windows 11 not detecting headphones when plugged in you need to update drivers, roll back drivers and change settings in advanced system settings.
  • Run a troubleshooter and pair your headphones and update windows 11 to the latest version and check your headphones are inserted properly without any loose connections.

On your windows 11 computer when you plug in headphones and there is no sound but connected coming from headphone when plugged in you need to make sure that you have not muted and you have updated your sound drivers to latest version and all sound settings are set to headphone (default sound output settings. So, lets see in details below.

How to Fix Windows 11 Not Detecting Headphones When Plugged In

Follow below methods to fix windows 11 not detecting headphone when plugged in and fix headphones, bluetooth headphones not connecting to windows 11. 

VD - Disabled

Change Advanced System Settings

Step 1: Open search menu and type in Advanced system and open it

Step 2: Open view advanced system settings.

Step 3: Select Hardware Tab

Step 4: Select Device installation settings and select Yes (recommended) option and click on save changes.

Device Manager & Roll Back Drivers

Step 1: Open device manager by typing device manager in windows 10 search.

Step 2: Now, in device manager -> Expand Sound Video game (controllers).

Step 3: Right click on High Definition Audio Device and select Properties.

Step 4: Now, select drivers tab -> Now select Roll back driver options.and wait until your old drivers roll back.

That’s it, once you roll back drivers you will not face any issue of headphone not detached or windows 11 not detecting headphones issue.

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Update Drivers

Step 1: Open device manager -> Expand Sound video, game controllers

Step 2: Select your sound driver and right click on it and select properties

Step 3: Select Drivers tab and click on update drivers and select browse my computer and select high definition audio device and click on next and wait for the drivers to install.

Now, once you update drivers you need to close open windows and restart your computer and your headphones not detecting on windows 11 will be fixed successfully.

Pair your Headphone

Step 1: Click on bluetooth icon and click on it.

Step 2: Right click on bluetooth device icon and select show bluetooth devices.

Step 3: Now, you need to add a new bluetooth device -> Click on Plus icon here.

Step 4: Now, you need to follow on screen instruction here add a bluetooth device, wireless device or dock or everything else (depending up on your headphones) and click on Next.

Step 5: Make sure your bluetooth headphone is turned on and once windows 11 detects bluetooth you need to select that and click on next.

Thats it once you pair your bluetooth device to your windows 11 it will be connected successfully without any issues.

Change Default Sound output

Step 1: Go ahead and search for settings and open windows 11 settings

Step 2: Click on 3 horizontal line menu -> select system

Step 3: Click on Sound -> Select choose where to play sound and select your headphone here.

Step 4: Make sure that your allow apps and windows to use this device for audio.

Troubleshoot Windows 11 Not Detecting Headphone 

Step 1: Open search and type in troubleshoot and open it.

Step 2: Now, scroll down and click on troubleshoot

Step 3: Select other troubleshooters

Step 4: Playing audio -> Click on Run Button and it will automatically detect problems and run the troubleshoot and will fix bluetooth not detecting issue and follow on screen instructions here.

Make sure your headphone is turned on and working properly and plugged in properly without any loose connections.

Check for Windows Update

Step 1: In windows 11 search type in updates and check for updates

Step 2: Click on check for updates -> and if updates are available go ahead and download now and install windows 11 update.

That’s it, by following above solutions your windows 11 not detecting headphones when plugged in will be fixed successfully.

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