Turn OFF on-screen Keyboard Click Sound in Windows 10 or 11


Vangari Divya
Vangari Divya
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  • To turn off on-screen keyboard click sound -> open on-screen keyboard -> Click on option -> Uncheck use click sound option.

On your windows 10 computer if your computer keyboard is not working all of sudden or damaged then windows 10 has inbuilt on-screen keyboard option to use in this case. When you click on a key on an on-screen keyboard you will get a click sound and if you dont want that click sound to hear then you can disable and turn off on-screen keyboard click sound easily by going to option on your on-screen keyboard and turn off click sound.

You can use your windows 10 device without using a physical keyboard attached to your computer and open on-screen keyboard and use it as your virtual keyboard for your windows 10 or 11 computer.

Turn off on screen keyboard Click Sound

Follow below steps to turn off on-screen keyboard click sound effect when you press key on on-screen keyboard.

Step 1: Click on Search menu and type in on-screen keyboard and open it

Step 2: On-screen keyboard will display on your screen -> You need to click on the option button.

Step 3: Uncheck option -> Use Click Sound and select ok.

That’s it, this is how you turn off on-screen keyboard click sound effect on windows 10 and when you click on any key on your on-screen keyboard, now you will not get any click sound.

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Turn off or Turn on On-screen Keyboard

To turn off and turn on onscreen keyboard there are several ways to do that, you can simply type in on-screen keyboard and open it and use on-screen keyboard straight away.

Or you can press windows + Control + O and turn on on-screen keyboard and turn it off.

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