cant pair bluetooth keyboard on windows 10

Fix: can’t pair Bluetooth keyboard on windows 10

On your windows 10 when you are trying to pair Bluetooth keyboard and when paring it says cant pair Bluetooth device check the pin and try connecting again issue. You can fix this issue by registry editor method or adding Bluetooth keyboard device again, run the troubleshooter

Can’t pair Bluetooth Keyboard on windows 10:

Step 1: Press windows key + R on your keyboard and it will bring up run tool.

Step 2: Type devicepairingwizard and press ok. It will open up add a device settings on your screen.

Step 3: From displayed Bluetooth devices, Select your Bluetooth keyboard device which you want to add and click on Next.


That’s it it will successfully add your Bluetooth keyboard to your windows 10 computer. You need to add device again if it says can’t pair Bluetooth keyboard and says check the pin and try connecting.

can’t pair Bluetooth keyboard on windows 10 – Registry Editor Method:

Step 1:In windows 10 search type in registry editor and open registry editor and there are couple of different methods to open registry editor.

Step 2: In registry editor, Navigate to this path -> HKEY_USERS\.Default\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Bluetooth\ExceptionDB\Addrs.

Step 3: Under Addrs folder you need to delete all folders which are present.

That’s it, once you delete the existing files from registry editor your issue of cant pair Bluetooth keyboard on windows 10 will be fixed successfully and Bluetooth keyboard will be connected successfully.

Run the troubleshoot to fix Bluetooth Keyboard Pairing Issue

Step 1: Click on Start Button and click on Settings.

Step 2: Click on Update and security

Step 3: On the left side menu -> Click on Troubleshoot and scroll the right side click on Bluetooth and click on Run the Troubleshooter.

Step 4: Now wait for windows 10 to detect Bluetooth keyboard issues and fix.

Once you Troubleshoot windows will detect issues of can’t pair Bluetooth keyboard check the pin and try again error and will fix this issue automatically by windows troubleshooting method.

Fix cant pair Bluetooth keyboard by Using Services

Step 1: Click on windows search and Type services and open windows services settings.

Step 2: Find Bluetooth Support Services -> Double click on it.

Step 3: Click on Log on Tab -> Select this account -> Click on Browse.

Step 4: In Enter the object name text filed -> Type local service and click on Check Names and click on OK and Apply settings and close all opened windows.

Once you change these services settings then you will not face any issue of cant pair Bluetooth keyboard on windows 10.

How to fix Can’t pair Bluetooth Keyboard on Windows 10?

You can fix Bluetooth keyboard pairing issue by registry editor, adding Bluetooth keyboard device again, Run the troubleshooter and windows service methods.