How to Fix We Cant Install This Printer Right Now on Windows 11 or 10

How to Fix We Can’t Install This Printer Right Now on Windows 11 / 10

  • To fix we cant install printer right now -> You need to reinstall printer and change print Management settings and port.
  • Update and install printer drivers.

If you are trying to install printer on windows 10 / 11 computer or completing the printer setup process and you are experiencing an issue of we cant install this printer right now on your windows computer or contact your administrator error, then you can fix this issue on your own and get rid of printer installation error on windows 10 or 11 computer.

When you are installing a printer or connecting your printer to your windows computer you need to make sure that your windows computer is having necessary printer supported drivers installed or not, if not you need to install them and follow other methods to fix printer installation issue on windows 10 or 11 and change printer property settings.

Fix We Can’t install this printer right Now on Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer

Below simple windows troubleshooting methods will fix cant install printer error on windows.

Reinstall Printer and Add Printer Again

Step 1: Click on the windows search menu and type in control panel.

Step 2: Open the control panel on your windows computer and select view by to Category.

Step 3: Now, Select Click on Hardware and Sound

Step 4: Click on Devices and Printers

Step 5: Now, locate the printer which you are having issues with and select remove device on top.

Step 6: Click on Yes and Confirm removing the printer.

Once you have successfully remove printer, then go ahead and restart your computer and try to install printer again with the installation instructions and install necessary drivers and you will not have any issue of we cant install printer right now  on windows 10 / 11 computer.

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Printer Management

Step 1: In windows search type in printer management and open printer management settings.

Step 2: Select All drivers on the left side pane.

Step 3: Locate the printer you are having issues and right click on it and select delete option.

Step 4: Confirm deleting printer drivers and close all open windows and restart your computer.

Once you restart your computer, go ahead and install printer drivers (they will be installed automatically once you connect your printer to your windows computer) and your issue of cant install the printer right now will be resolved.

Select Correct Port in Printer Properties

Step 1: Open control panel

Step 2: Change view by to category and open hardware and sound

Step 3: Now, right click on your printer -> Select Printer Properties.

Step 4: Click on the ports tab on top.

Step 5: Make sure that the correct port is selected depending up on your printer and click on apply and ok.

Now, go ahead and try to install printer on your windows computer, hopefully your issue with cant install printer right now error will be resolved.